Casting About - August 2008

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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We’re here. It’s August. National party political nominating conventions happen this month. July has added a lot of fodder to the compost for the coming harvest.

The religious right crawled out from under their rock in July, claiming, as might have been predicted, that if everyone gets to call it his own way about right and wrong, they will be disenfranchised on all issues of Christian morality.

As James Dobson put it, liberal fruitcake Christianity would recognize views other than ours, and by God we can’t have that, now, can we? If they can have abortions, why then sooner or later we will all be having abortions, and the entire nation will become a cesspool of fetus murdering heathens. Women must be told what God wants of them, and it is our job – the job of the Christian conservatives - to put these bimbos in their place and whip ‘em into shape. Shut up and do what we tell you is what the Bible told them to do, and that is the only way that women can live a Godly life. The sonofabitch didn’t say it in exactly those words, but that’s what he said.

This is the Bible war that I predicted last month. Part of this bullshit is really sad, as it illustrates the oppressive milieu in which so many people live, threatened at every turn with eternal damnation by none other than God Almighty Herself for this, that or the other infraction against the “will” of the fascist right wing absolutist pretending to speak for God. The other side of this besmudged coin is ridiculously hilarious, for who with any snap at all could fail to see through the transparent pretext of restated Jesus – not the Jesus of love and forgiveness, but a Jesus of vengeance, fear and tyranny. Nothing could so offend against the teachings of Christ than the Dobsons of this world.

Fortunately Barack Obama sees through the false doctrines and espouses a Christian view of inclusiveness. “Many sheep have I, not of this fold”, and “in my father’s house are many mansions”. The soul of ecumenism expressed by Christ in the Gospel of John.

One of the several exciting surges in America in this election year is that very intelligent young generation members are now ready to overthrow the neocon fascists and their evangelistic fellow travelers. They see through the right wing bullshit and are telling the Dobsons, Falwells, Robertsons and their filthy ilk to fuck off. YEA!!!

All this seems to paint me as some pinko far left lunatic. Actually, I am a devout centrist. I believe that when we stray wide from the center, social, political and economic aberrations and imbalances occur that produce destructive disruption. That is where I now believe we are – so far to the right that many critical aspects of what America is supposed to represent are being derailed in favor of an extremist agenda. All extremes, whether left or right, are bad per se. Justifiable extremism only occurs in a firefight – kill ‘em all and just let God sort ‘em out.

The Obama camp made a mistake in early July when they appointed as one of their surrogates a bozo motor mouth inactive General, who promptly made a foot in his mouth criticism of John McCain’s military record not being a credential for the presidency. The result of if General Wesley Clark’s stupidity was an outpouring of commentary about Obama’s lack of any military service and the fact that McCain isn’t running as a “fighter pilot”, but as someone of extensive varied experiences, all of them quite relevant. Wesley Clark was the less than competent General who served in the Bosnian war and failed to achieve a few important missions. Like anyone of his ilk, of course, he went public blaming others when it was he who was in charge. Had he been on top of the situation, the result might have been different, and the results rest entirely upon his ineptitude. He obviously hasn’t changed since then, and the Obama camp should have known better than to put him in a position to speak about McCain’s military experience as somehow being inadequate for the present office he seeks. If anyone has been inadequate, it is General Wesley Clark, and the Obama folks need to get rid of him now.

The fact that General Clark got any notice at all is the best evidence of July having no other significant issue that the religious fanatics. Everything else in July was simply ridiculous and trivial on both sides.

In addition to General Bozo Clark, Obama seems to have adopted as another surrogate the loser John Kerry. Kerry, having been trashed by his own comrades in arms when last he ran, is certainly no one to speak to the service credentials or capabilities of anyone else. Yet there he is, speaking for Obama about McCain’s lack of “stuff”. If Clark and Kerry are all Obama’s team can come up with to speak for him, that is a serious sign of incompetence. It is things like these that create questions about whether Obama’s apparent capabilities may be more limited than we think.

Coming into August there appears to be an issue of Obama’s having some kind of messiah complex. Hopefully he doesn’t, but some of the things being considered suggest an ego issue. The notion that the convention hall isn’t big enough for his acceptance speech, and moving it to a larger venue so that many may journey to Denver to be “present” at the great moment should have been more carefully thought out.

Ultimately, the electioneering has degenerated into such trivial bullshit that I have now decided to discontinue this series of articles. There just isn’t anything worth writing about in this campaign. McCain and Obama are busy trying to stuff the shit back into the horses’ asses that are making ridiculous statements on their behalf. The White House is pressuring the German government not to allow Obama to make a speech from the Brandenberg Gate – what bullshit! Jesse Jackson says he wants to cut Obama’s nuts off for making statements to black church groups about how important personal responsibility is, something Jackson has preached regularly for years. Nothing is going on but nonsense.

See you after the conventions in late August.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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