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Culo de Piedra – The Detroit Years – Work Till You Drop
Culo Mas Piedroso – The Road West
Face Full of Sunshine Belly Full of Chicken
Gittin Fixed - Just Another Sterling Moment in the Life of Seamus Muldoon
Invictus – Master of His Fate, Captain of His Soul
B. I.’s Texas Café – Step Up My Friend and Be My Guest
Evening at Muldoons
Murder at Muldoons
The Muldoonian Pox and the Malignant Fun Run
Two Buck Chuck
Muldoons Embraces Smarm
Death AT Muldoon's
Muldoon’s Surprise 65th Birthday Party
The Autobiography of Seamus Muldoon’s Colon 
The Muldoonian Principles of Competent Bowels Management
Grand Champion Hell Raisin Sumbitch
Late Middle Age – Pushin 66
The Village Idiot
Election Year 2004
Converations with Mike
Culo De Piedra Great Bullshit
Been There - Done That
Redneck Suicide Music
Older Women - Younger Wine
Be Ye Clean
Misery Therapy
White Trash Funeral
I Won! or Did I?
The Muldoonian Sibship
Happy 70th Birthday To Me - Yea!!!!
Another Election Year 2008
Belinda – The First Twenty Years
Boudreaux's & Muldoon's Hurricane Ike Emergency Plans
Code Name Flatus
Our Ladies Of Perpetual Rehab
Mrs Inman's Boarding House
Christmas Week 2050
The Uses Of Fantasy In Physical Rehabilitation Of The Human Male
Riding The Old JISM Trail
Body Parts - Doctors So Damn Good That A Lawyer - Will Pay Them To Stick A Knife Into Him
What If - Ultimate Options In Ultimate Circumstances
An Orphan Of God – Endless Voyages
The Real Texas Bar
The Muldoonian Constituency - 2012
A Muldoonian Survey
The Chutzpah Foot Spa Franchise System
Coolest Bar In The Galleria Area Of Houston Texas
Dickie Doo's Dawg - A Vignette By The Front Door Four
It's Back - And You Thought You Were Making Progress !!!!!
LE FIN DE Gourmandise Tastes Change As One Matures/Becomes Bored WIth The Absurdities
Rachel From Card Services
Farting - Destroyer Of Worlds

Public Service Articles

The Difficult Child - The Aggressive Adult
Fresh Meat
The Mentalists
A Brief History of the Federal Anti-Fucking Act
Emergency Management - You Versus The Government
Frijolero Honorario - Honorary Beaner
DA Bird Flu
Chef Muldoon's Personal Best Coffee
DA Swine Flu - The New Profit Center - Hysteria Followed by Stimulus Money - No One is Permitted to Kiss or Shake Hands
Boudreaux's & Muldoon's Hurricane Emergency Plan
Real Politik Concerning The Middle East
Practice Makes Perfect
Identity Theft - The Inetellectual Property Potentialities of Protecting One's Semen – FORGETABOUTIT!!!
Casting About - It's June 2008
Casting About - July 2008
Casting About - August 2008
Middle East Peace – Seamus Muldoon’s Two State Solution
The Taliban and AL Quaeda
Afghanistan and the Larger Picture in the Middle East
The Mosque Near Ground Zero
Why I Like Valdimir Putin A Lot
Potted - A New Franwhack Our Nation's Drug Policy Revisions – A Humorous Look At The Future And A Serious Look At The Present
Scamming The Irish On Saint Padraig's Day
Micro Franchising - High Traffic Intersections - Buttercup, INC.
Some Free Speech Issues Are Not Free Speech Issues.
Everyone But Us Is A Bloody Terrorist! Our New Definition
The Metrics Of Rationalism
Guns, Guts, And Glory - Another Opportunity To Show The World
How The Hell Do You Feel About Lutefisk
God's Proctologist
My Favorite Shia
The Merger Of God And Mammon
The Gospel According To Muldoon
Blessed Are The Merciful
Give Not That Which Is Holy To The Dogs. Neither Cast Ye Pearls Before Swine
Blame It On Mrs. God
Rachel From Card Services
Fucci Manulli - Water Of Gods And Heroes
Socio-Political Feculum - The Neoconservative Perspective on Human Rights

Gastronomy and Connoisseurship

Short Stories Written by the Household Cats

Religion and Philosophy

The Gunnar Chronicles

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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