Election Year 2004

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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All Rights Reserved

The way things are these days, not long after you publish your commentaries on everything that happened to cross your mind then, the vortex of turmoil provides significant more fodder. And since my attitude is always very aggressive, these feelings need to be expressed. Why keep them bottled up. I’m not anal retentive. I don’t mind sharing with you how I feel about everything. Enough people ask me what I think about this or that every day that I know folks really are yearning for my opinions. Even my walking pal, High Fibre Hoffman, starts every morning’s walk with a list of things that are on his mind, about which he feels a need to know my opinions.

This story/vignette/rant began in early July 2004, and has been continued from day to day and week to week as events unfolded. When I refer to something happening “today”, that part of this article was written contemporaneously with the matter discussed.

Since all of you don’t get to meet me every day at 5:45 am for a fast walk and intense conversation about what might be on your minds, the very least I can do is to publish my sentiments about whatever crosses my mind. Besides, I can actually give logical reasons for my opinions. I have no agenda to promote except the agenda of please leave me the fuck alone. Don’t gratuitously call me at the dinner hour with your nonsense phony surveys that are really telemarketing. Don’t ring my goddamn doorbell and disturb my work because you want to talk with/to me about Jesus. I already have an intimate working relationship with the Lord that is totally personal and private. I don’t have to go out in any public gathering, genuflecting like some freak and mouthing meaningless shit that someone else wrote, believing ridiculously that God wants to see and hear me being a bloody arse. I don’t give a shit whether you kneel, stand or lie on your belly when you pray, and I certainly would never discuss with you the meaning, if any, of body position in connection with the promotion of your God nagging techniques.

You can wear funny clothing. You can eat only certain foods. You can drink or not drink. You can hate whoever you want and I’ll privately hate whoever I want. I don’t care about your hatreds, and I would never share my hatreds with anyone, except for the few that I know will never change. Hell, they may change tomorrow, and you’d be out there telling everyone that I’m no better than John Kerry, changing my allegiances every day – saying this today and that tomorrow. I enjoy discussing real issues. And in an election year with a war going on, there are plenty of real issues worth discussing. Consider some of the following.

Gay issues. The answer to the gay debate is that we are all as the Lord made us. None of us is gay because we are by nature heterosexual and wish to engage in perversion. Gay people are gay by nature, not by election. To be otherwise would be as against their nature as it would be for any heterosexual person to pretend to be gay. Gay people are as valid and deserving of respect as so called straight (God knows where that descriptor came from) people.

We know that now. We didn’t have the technical ability to sort that out when the “boys” wrote the Bible. They didn’t know that. We don’t insist upon the perpetuation of ignorance. Perpetuating ignorance does not show respect for God. Life is a process, a movie, not a snapshot. It continues in a developmental, learning curve mode, just as God intended. The Old Testament is a veritable text in support of the notion that one is to learn from experience and use that knowledge for the betterment of life’s conditions and circumstances. Knowledge isn’t supposed to be assumed to stop as of the date the bible was completed. Biblical figures benefited from what they learned that was always there but that they didn’t know about. God was there before Abraham realized a Unitarian divinity. When it was learned that there is a God, and that God is a unitary God, not a bevy of gods for every different thing – not a god of a particular city or a god of the wine, or another god of the sea, or a god of fire, we accepted that knowledge. Christianity didn’t usher in an era of plural gods. The trinity is not some form of idol worship. There is one God who possesses plural personae, a plurality of roles, not three gods.

The bible says what was known then, and in other places what is said is based upon what was known then. Some of it has continuing validity. Some of it does not. It is important to sort out what is valid and what is invalid in a real world sense, just as the ancient rabbis taught and as Christ continues to teach. When newly learnt information becomes known, we accept it and use it for our benefit, just as God intended us to do. If you insist that God intended that we forever languish in whatever ignorance that persisted in biblical days, then you and I have no common ground to discuss issues that are Bible sourced. I will not accept the validity of any position that depends for its substantiality on an insistence that knowledge must be dismissed in favor of some “flat earth” redefinition of current reality. Most of those who insist that the world’s order of things must be as stated in the Bible see nothing inconsistent when they insist that they receive Novocain injections when they need dental work. Novocain injections are no where mentioned in the Bible. Neither are antibiotics, polio vaccine, and after shave lotion. If you really want to be a bible literalist, then stop with the cherry picking of modernity. Be like the Bible folks really were. Have slaves. Give your first born sons to the church. Bathe rarely if at all. Forget about toilet paper. Get rid of your car. Never turn on your air conditioner. Forget about refrigeration. If you get appendicitis, just die in agony – don’t go get your appendix removed.

If you really want to be like God intended you to be, try kindness, generosity, consideration, respect others and how they choose to live, so long as they don’t infringe upon you. Mind your own business. Pray in private like Jesus said to do in Chapter 6 of Matthew’s Gospel. God didn’t put you here to tell everyone else how to live. Many who came here to establish the American nation did so to flee religious tyranny. We are coming full circle now, as the ayatollahs of so called conservative Christianity seek to impose their Neanderthal Bible agenda upon us all. I hate all tyrants. I hate tyrants who claim to act in the name of God even more.

Which brings us to George Bush. My personal tastes greatly favor the Bush government, as they did when his dad was President. I believe that Bush is well meaning and truly patriotic, and that he has surrounded himself with people who provide signal support, albeit frequently incompetent on issues of immediate embarrassment. And they are not more corrupt than the senior officials in any other administration have been/would be/will be. He has the flaws one would expect to find in any good political leader. No matter what one’s background and experience have been, being President is an on the job training experience. When things are in turmoil, the occupant of the White House will always seem more lost than when things are going along swimmingly and all the President has to do is screw interns and be a jive ass. Clinton was an adequate peace time President, but you can’t really expect a jive ass to be an adequate war time President. But for the pandering to the religious zealots of the far right fundamentalist mindset, I would support Bush’s re-election without reservation. I actually like him enough to believe that he does not agree with these assholes, and that he is simply forcing their bullshit into his agenda because he believes he cannot be re-elected without them. He is going to pay a huge price for that. I think the price is much larger than he realizes. I may be wrong. His party leaders may be right – that Americans are just ignoramuses and unthinking beer guzzlers who vote their penises and never try to acquire any depth of understanding about anything other than beer prices and football. There is a sarcastic website that I enjoy located at www.TheOnion.com, where someone posited a Supreme Court decision to limit Americans from participating in any aspect of government – including even voting – on the grounds of utter incompetence.

He is taking a lot of heat over the Iraq campaign – not a war, just a campaign – and much of the criticism is the product not of a bad strategic decision, but of shabby handling of how the message is put out to the public; how his administration politicized the CIA into a cheerleader for the administration rather than a competent information gathering facility; and pretense that insignificant, ineffectual endorsements by so called governments evinced a real alliance of nations in support of the decision to go into Iraq. The administration actually tried to pretend that Spain and the Philippine Islands and Poland represent important international support of the so-called coalition. These Lilliputian regimes are dropping out at a bad time for his election program. In the case of Spain, it caused/contributed to a change of government. Having Poland as an invasion partner is material suitable for Saturday Night Live, and the same may be said for the Philippines. I think the decision was the right decision, and that proper information handling might lessen the sting of some basic assumptions having been plain wrong.

He is also suffering from “stacking”. Stacking is when little screw-ups cumulate into a massive and somewhat more convincing body of evidence of incompetence or worse. The anti gay marriage constitutional amendment proposal in Congress is a total clusterfuck farce that has fallen on its face, as it should. Same gender marriages cannot possibly detract from the assumed but untrue lofty position of the institution of heterosexual marriage. Heterosexual men marry women. Gay men marry other men. Lesbian women marry other women. No heterosexual woman or man is removed from the market by same gender marriage. And if your marriage is falling apart, it certainly isn’t because some of your neighbors are in same gender marital circumstances. The whole notion is just stupid and quite typical of the extreme fundamentalist so-called Christian mentality. This week he announced rescission of rules limiting logging and construction in wilderness areas. The president is paying a very high price for that stacking. He didn’t need to do that in an election year. Where are the brains of these people? Get elected first and then fuck up the world. You can’t fuck up the world if you’re not in office. Bloody fools!

Bush obviously believes that he must pander to the religious extreme right wing in order to carry a decisive political coalition. Many of us who agree with him on the question of what to do since we were invaded by Al Qaeda have serious reservations about signing on to a cruise with our shipmates being the tyrants of the religious right. He makes us ask ourselves every day whether his remaining for a second term is so important for our strategic military success that we ought to put up with frustration of limitations upon stem cell research and the anti feminist so called pro life position and the anti gay marriage bullshit.

Today the republican idiot panel of experts is in the news for changing the rules about how frequently Cuban exile families in the USA can visit and send money to their relatives who remain in Cuba. The so called rationale of this is that if families can’t visit each other or send money when needed, the commie Castro regime will be undermined. The Castro commie bastards have survived in power on that blighted island since 1959 despite everything several presidents could think to do to change that. The majority of Cuban Americans have relatives still in Cuba who need to be visited and who desperately need the money their American relatives send them. The majority of Cuban Americans supported Bush in the last election. They are voting for Kerry in this election. The republican idiots thought they were pandering to the Cuban American voting block in Florida by adopting this stupid policy. Instead, they alienated their constituency, except for the very few really old timers who no longer have any family in Cuba and who are still utterly bitter toward Castro. One very angry Cuban American said it best, “Don’t they understand that in our culture family trumps politics?” This policy is so stupidly mean spirited that it smells a lot like the work of that malignant dwarf Congressman Tom Delay.

John Kerry may be bloody awful for our strategic military needs, and his pandering to the fucking French may cause me to want to puke, but I am very ardently in favor of women’s and gay rights and ardently in favor of stem cell research, and very ardently against abject stupidity. Not seeking to cure awful diseases because some religious zealot would forbid using embryos for research that are being discarded anyway is my idea of damn foolish, wanton and arbitrary nonsense. Do I want to go on another four year cruise with a society that is driven by the zealots, or would I rather take the military and international risks in favor of a more just society? I wish that President Bush did not force me to make that decision. He may be asking too much of me and of others like me, and he can’t afford to lose us. The coming election is his to lose. He is his own worst enemy. No matter what you do for religious zealots, it is not enough. In their eyes it is not what you have done that they want you to do, but rather what you have not done that they also want you to do. For not having done that they will refuse support, condemning you for lack of commitment to their agenda in its totality. They accept no compromises, respect no compromises. That is what totalitarian literally means. No thanks. I’m not interested in them having a grip on the regulation of social, moral and other issues in my country. They can take their pseudo Christian tyranny and shove it up their asses. Just writing this is convincing me that I don’t think Mr. Bush should just assume that he can count on me and others like me. Tyranny from within is as bad as the tyranny that waits beyond the border.

Now that Kerry has selected North Carolina trial lawyer, Edwards, as his running mate, this same group of Republican idiots is putting out the worst possible blather imaginable. They are referring to Edwards as an ambulance chaser. The fact that there is no evidence of any unethical conduct by Edwards doesn’t deter them one bit. But that particular tactic is revealing in one way the bloody fools haven’t recognized. It bespeaks panic! You must be in a panic if that is all you can come up with. Secondly, and on a more profound level, could it be that the Republicans are super sensitive about trial lawyers because it is trial lawyers who are putting so many important Republican big wigs in prison for securities fraud and outright embezzlement from the publicly held corporations to which they owed a duty of fidelity? That smells more like the real reason they hate trial lawyers. Trial lawyers make it harder for thieves like them to steal and to cheat their employees and their stockholders. Every time they say that about Edwards, they remind the rest of us how vulnerable they may be to charges of misuse of corporate office, theft, fraud, self dealing, insider trading and embezzlement. They also need to review a bit of history. The first Republican presidential candidate, nominated at the first Republican convention in Detroit, Michigan, was Abraham Lincoln, trial lawyer. One of the facts that I like most is that when those who hate trial lawyers get their asses in hot water, they immediately seek out the fiercest trial lawyer they can find –HAHAHAHAHAH!

Defendant Ken Lay, formerly Mr. Ken Lay, Chairman of Enron Corporation, had his little perp walk this morning after being indicted by the special Enron grand jury for securities and wire fraud. A bunch of no good trial lawyers in the justice department will be preventing him from making the big donations in this election year to his friends in the Republican Party. He had the gall to go on television last week saying that there was no reason to charge him with anything, since he has done nothing wrong, and that the only reason that the justice department is being so hard on him is that they have to prove they are not being partial in favor of such a close friend of the Bush family. When he had to resign in disgrace a few years ago upon the collapse of Enron, his lawyers told him to get a PR flack and make a big PR campaign about what a simple, abused soul he was. He sold off about $ 80,000,000 worth of ranches and other personal property, and he and his wife opened – get this – I aint making this up – a “thrift shop” in which they offered their personal belongings from their sold off ranches. It was the most laughable bullshit you can imagine. The best proof of it’s being total bullshit is that this morning, when his being indicted was announced, the thrift shop was closed for good. The bullshit didn’t work.

I wonder just how much in contributions the trial lawyers really are costing the Republican Party this year. Just about every big time thief chairman of a large public company who has been indicted for fraud and embezzlement has been a Republican, with the notable exception of Sam Waksal, Martha Stewart’s old lover.

From a different perspective, have you ever later on had second thoughts about having judged a tyrant too harshly? I have. I remember the first time I stood in the small village circle in Morey St. Denis in the Burgundy region of France. In the center of that circle is an obelisk monument to the people of Morey St. Denis who were executed by the Nazis during world war two. I remember thinking how awful of the goddam Germans to invade a beautiful and peaceful wine producing region and impose their tyranny upon them and murder them – stand them up against a wall and shoot them – for resisting. Now, in 2004, as I think of that moment and that monument in the light of our current experiences with the French, I feel that if the Germans were to re-enter France and resume shooting the French, maybe I wouldn’t give a damn. I certainly would not favor Americans going to France to liberate it. I don’t need the goddam French for anything. We have better wines at more favorable prices than we had then. I can cook anything in their gastronomic repertoire as well as any of them can do it. Since I no longer drink martinis, I don’t need Noilly Pratt Vermouth any more. Fuck em!

In a similar vein, I think I may have judged Saddam Hussein a tad too harshly. Before we had the experience of having to deal with the ungrateful sons of bitches in Iraq, they appeared to have been a pitiable people abused by tyranny. Now, in hindsight, I think that anyone who was not a Saddam Hussein could not have kept Iraq together. I admit the man has his faults. But he knew what to do with Shiites. He hated the Islamic fundamentalists almost as much as I do. I wonder if he could use a franchise lawyer – hmmmm….

Nah! I have too much of a local tyrannical agenda to fend off right here in this election year. What am I going to do? If I were to support John Kerry I would also encounter many things that turn my stomach in that camp.

To go that route, I have to swallow agendas that I hate just as much. I dislike the idea of making excuses for folks who won’t work, won’t learn, won’t commit to focused effort in furtherance of improving their future and the future of the kids they manufacture every time they get a few beers or some drugs. I favor the death penalty and believe that there is too much due process. I must admit, though, that the recent revelations that in so many cases the machinery of “justice” is corrupted by prosecutors who want to win more than to support a fair criminal justice system will cause me to rethink that position. One of the most basic pillars of any society is that we have to be able to count on the justice system to work in a relatively honest fashion. At its best it is imperfect. It cannot stand venality in the prosecutor’s office and in the crime labs. We will not long be a nation of laws if corrupt people can twist the most fundamental functions of the system to work injustice. The most important reason not to resist arrest is the belief that if you cooperate, you will receive a fair shake. It is most important that the actual operation of the system foster that belief.

All of this brings us to the act of mercy and justice performed by Illinois Governor George Ryan, for which he will always be in my prayers as a just man. Even people like me who favor the death penalty in capital and other cases that should be capital, believe that the death penalty should not be executed upon people who are wrongfully convicted because of prosecutor misconduct. I can even accept the death penalty in instances where the innocent are executed if the problem arose despite the best a court could do to provide a fair adjudication – shit happens – the system isn’t perfect even at its best. But where a prosecutor refuses to produce evidence that he has in hand that is inconsistent with guilt, despite having a duty to produce it, and there is an unjust capital verdict, the system fails and no one can trust it. That is the very definition of corruption. Some prosecutors would rather get the win than do justice, as they value their won-lost statistics more than their oath to uphold the responsibilities of their office.

This was happening a lot in Illinois, and many not guilty people were on death row because of corrupt prosecution. George Ryan, when he became aware of the problem, put a moratorium on executions and had the capital convictions reviewed for error. Many capital sentences were reversed or commuted due to the corruption found to have been committed by prosecutors, and in some instances by others as well, like corrupt police investigations resulting in frame ups just to save the police from having to do competent work and find the real culprit.

This was a courageous and righteous act by George Ryan, and I am certain that the Lord will bless his soul for it. My solution in a corrupt conviction case would be to make the corrupt prosecutor or police officers serve the sentence that was wrongfully obtained. Even with the correction of many egregious errors in sentencing and in the convictions themselves, the corrupt police and prosecutors were not dealt with as they deserved. They are, in most instances, still of the job and still just as corrupt.

In order for the death penalty to continue to deserve support in any community, the public has to believe that it is not imposed through corruption. Execution by corruption is murder by definition. The criminal justice system has to be worthy of trust or there is no reason to obey and support it. Anarchy results.

This is the week that isn’t. It is the week of the Democrat party convention in Boston. Political conventions are so saccharin pre-packaged and boring that only an assassination could entice people who aren’t really stupid – from either party – to tune in. In the good old days there were floor fights and multi ballot nominations. Today the flacks have eliminated any possibility of anything being interesting or stimulating. I will probably watch old movies – maybe “Wag The Dog” will be back on.

Speaking of movies, Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” has now grossed over $ 100,000,000. The Republicans are all upset about a movie that denigrates President Bush. They forgot about the movie “Wag The Dog” that denigrated President Clinton and how much they enjoyed that. If any President of the United States can be brought low by a movie, s/he doesn’t belong in the office anyway and there is no loss. The joke this week is that Clinton actually did take military action against Al Quaeda, and the movie “Wag The Dog” was produced to portray a President who was so undermined by scandal that he started a pseudo war to detract from the attention that his perverse publicity was generating. Only after the outrageous attack on the World Trade Center on 9 – 11 did it occur to Congress and to most of the rest of us that there is a real threat to our security. To celebrate this opening of the Presidential political season, we went out and bought a new bed. Think about that for a while.

This week it is expected to be, and it is, an almost wall to wall bore, entirely prescripted to suggest that evangelistic unanimity and world peace through love awaits only the ouster of George Bush. What nonsense. And, of course, there is the age old Democrat financial plan, “eat the rich”. As much as I abhor much of the Republican domestic policy, I could not vote for the “eat the rich agenda”. At my age I really don’t give a shit if the rich are eaten, but I have my daughter’s future interests to think about, and I want her to be wealthy beyond imagining.

Despite the prescripted bullshit boring convention program, there was one ray of excitement when Al Sharpton spoke on Thursday night. The Reverend Al is one of the absolute best and most exciting speakers you could ever have the privilege to hear, and he was absolutely wonderful. I am still laughing at the fact that the white folks in charge of the program had either written or edited his remarks. Of course, as nothing could be more ridiculous that trying to slather mayonnaise all over Al Sharpton’s persona, he disregarded it and gave the speech he wanted to give, ran over his allotted time, and was the absolute best of the entire week. I don’t agree with some of what his agenda is, but I would get dressed, buy a ticket and drive across town to hear him speak, no matter the subject. Jesse Jackson can speak like that too. I remember a Democrat convention keynote speech by Jesse many years ago that had me cheering, even though a lot of his agenda is also not palatable to me.

Today the Republicans are screaming like a stuck pig about Al Sharpton’s talk. How bloody stupid. Everyone knows that the louder a pig squeals, the better he has been stuck. It would be better had they either ignored Al or just noted that he was the only really interesting speaker all week long. Why is it that they can’t let anything pass without rising up in pseudo unctuous indignation? Doesn’t anyone on their side know anything about being gracious? They are as bad as the worst of the Democrats.

I shall happily skip John Kerry’s acceptance speech tonight. Even if he had anything to say, which he doesn’t, he is a total bore. The only thing that may get him into the presidency is that Bush’s domestic policies alienate too many civil libertarians like me who would otherwise be his supporters on military decisions and on economics. But if the Republicans insist that we stifle stem cell research and that they have to intrude on the privacy of what grown ups do sexually in the privacy of their own homes, they can forget about any help from me.

What is truly unfortunate is that no one has a credible message on every issue. The Republicans are all bullshit in my opinion on many issues, and the Democrats are total bullshit in my opinion on many other issues. For example, the idea that John Kerry will change America’s position on the world geopolitical stage, militarily or otherwise, by saying diplomatic bullshit to people sworn to exterminate us (unless we all convert to Islam), is utter nonsense. The only message to give to people like that is that, if you fuck with us, we are coming to get your sorry ass – and we are bigger than you, better equipped than you, meaner than you could ever dream of being, and when we get to where you are, we’re gonna be mad as hell. You don’t want us on your ass in a bad mood. If you interfere with my eating, drinking, working out or playing football and chasing pussy, I’m gonna tear your head off and shit down your goddam neck.

The French may finally be getting rid of their Jewish community – as if anyone cares. The Muslims of France are the largest Muslim community in Europe, and they are fiercely pro Palestinian. There are/were 600,000 Jews in France in January, and will be many fewer by years end, as the Muslims attack them while the French look the other way – nice arrangement – typically French.

It is now the second week of August, and we are on heightened alert for an Al Quaeda attack, hopefully on New York or Washington or some other place that won’t be missed if something bad happened. Newark is also included in the alert. Now I ask you, if somebody blew up Newark or Cleveland or Detroit, could you even tell that they had been destroyed by looking at them? They already look like some poor Iraqi slum, and are even more dysfunctional. Just think. If someone were to blow up Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, wouldn’t the following statements become true?

Auto defect recalls would drop

Unsatisfied warranty claims on automobiles would drop

The overall quality of the cars and trucks we drive would be drastically improved

Many high level, very arrogant auto industry executives would have to actually look for real, meaningful work

The Japanese, Koreans and Germans would no longer have the poor quality of American company automobiles to use as comparative sales information, and they would have to become even more serious about product quality than they now are

How would the coming election be affected if there were no Al Quaeda threat? If all we had that were really serious outcome determinant issues were domestic policies, would the election even be close?

This week we are positing a construct in which John Kerry and John Edwards are assassinated. Who would do it and why? The obvious criminology answer is that we should look for a person/people who have the most to gain from such an event, or for a person/people who think(s) to benefit from it. Select from the following potential likelihoods:

The right wing Republican nut case crazies who fear everything, thinking that Kerry & Edwards represent the coming downfall of everything that is American, and who wish to save America from gay marriage, dying people having access to pain and sick symptom relieving marijuana, poor people buying effective pharmaceuticals from Canadian companies so they can afford to eat and have a roof over their heads, soon to be discarded stem cells/embryos being put to any use that might benefit medical research when they can serve God’s almighty purpose by being thrown away, and invasion of the United States by people from other cultures seeking a productive life and who don’t speak good English.

Some crazy Zionists who believe that in their zeal to re-engage with the Europeans, a Kerry & Edwards administration would move away from the current level of support for Israel, and who also believe that they are really also doing a favor for their American religious extremist friends who insist that every word in the Bible is the revealed word of God, especially the part about the territory of ancient Israel belonging to the Jewish people in perpetuity, and who believe that they have a license to do it because everyone will blame either Al Quaeda or the Republicans.

A conspiracy of large government contractor companies who are profiting mightily from the status quo and who fear that a failure to sustain hostilities will undermine their business expectations, acting also in concert with a conspiracy of generals who like the growing long term world at war ambiance.

Al Quaeda, for the reason that they actually fear a Kerry & Edwards administration might achieve rapprochement with the goddam Europeans – damn silly notion that – and that the EU might actually begin to lend a hand in the fight – damn sillier notion that – Europeans only fight amongst themselves or against some other culture trying to free themselves from European colonial interests, thinking that they have a license to do it because everyone will blame it on the Republicans.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, believing that it would be blamed on any of the above and that this would make the Democrat party turn in desperation to Hillary to save their hopes for the 2004 presidential election.

OK. It’s the middle of August, and I have at least and at last come to my

own conclusions about where I hope this election year ends up – I can’t handle the notion that John Kerry should be President – he just plain sucks. He is revealed – to me at least – as a man with a paper asshole – someone whose “history” and “direction” are nothing but fiction and wishful thinking – utter nonsense that is unworkable in today’s world. And I have reasons for your consideration, as I would hope to evangelize folks to this conclusion.

I start with a history lesson and some very simple logic. When people implacably hate you and are sworn to destroy you – and it is now action, not just words and threats, talking it out is ridiculous. Once war has begun, and it certainly has begun, there is only one way to end it on a positive note – you have to win it. God knows we should have learned that from our experience in Viet Nam, in Somalia and in the first Gulf War. If others who have not yet been attacked, and who fear attack more than the risks of standing up and making themselves count will not stand with us, so be it. What we are doing is right, except that in my opinion the kill ratios are still way too small. The dead won’t come back and shoot at you again. The sumbitches need to go.

We had a stark lesson in what you get from talking to people who have already begun down the warpath. The British thought that talking to Hitler would limit his appetite for military success. No talking will ever substitute for showing an aggressor that he will not be given an open road to procede from conquest to conquest. Doesn’t anyone remember Neville Chamberlain’s infamous speech about how well he thought he had done visiting with Hitler – “Peace In Our Time” was the big headline upon the occasion of his return from those talks? And, of course, when Hitler was through with the goddam French, he bombed London. DUH! Doesn’t anyone but me remember this stuff? I aint making this up, you know!

With that absolutely correct history lesson in mind, consider John Kerry’s promised approach to dealing with the war we are now fighting. It starts back in the Reagan administration during the cold war. Every thing he has done has been awful, wrong headed, and would have resulted in the cold war still being in full flow, had we been so unfortunate as to have had his leadership. Kerry opposed every Reagan initiative, and those initiatives took the fullest advantage of Russia’s being precisely at that moment in its history when Reagan’s initiatives could have been – and were – decisive. Reagan’s defense buildup shot holes in Russia’s hope to come out on top. Kerry opposed every one of those initiatives as “bloated” and “without any relevancy to the threat”. When Reagan initiated the Star Wars programs, programs that the damn Russians couldn’t match, and got NATO to go along with stationing more strategic missiles in Europe, Kerry opposed every program and advocated that it was we who ought to unilaterally announce that we would impose a nuclear freeze on ourselves. When Reagan refused to allow communist incursions in Granada and assisted resisting Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, Kerry condemned it as a “bully’s show of force”. Like Chamberlain of old, he flew to Nicaragua to meet with the head of the Sandino movement, Daniel Ortega to try to cut a deal. When Reagan was in the faces of the goddam commie bastards, calling them an evil empire, Kerry was condemning America, calling us guilty of “crimes committed on a day to day basis with full awareness of officers at all levels of command”. Kerry opposed and criticized Reagan’s decision to bomb Muammar Ghaddafi after it was learned that it was his agents that bombed a nightclub full of American soldiers in Germany. Kerry also opposed force in driving the Iraqis out of Kuwait. His twenty years in the Senate show me very plainly that he is not the man to lead America anywhere positive.

Accordingly, I have decided to just deal with the religious nuts and continue to support the Bush leadership. The Kerry history of international cowardice provided above comes courtesy of the American Enterprise Institute, a very conservative organization with whom I sometimes, cautiously, find myself in agreement. I have to watch out, though, because it is they who have adopted Bozo Bob Bork, the man who thinks that price fixing conspiracies should not be considered unlawful per se, and that groups of competitors who conspire to eliminate competition amongst themselves ought to be given a better chance to say why they need to be able to turn free enterprise on its head. But in this instance, they have correctly stated the history of Kerry’s tenure in the Senate.

Speaking of which, an interesting thought is crossing my mind. Why should I give a damn about all this? No matter what happens, I am at that age at which I can just say fuck it. At this precise moment, I have the best life I have ever had. I have a good balance between work and leisure. I have the perfect woman for me and I love her dearly. My daughter is now professionally established and independent. My health is perfect. I have really nice friends. Any cultural interests that I may have can be well served within fifteen minutes of my house. The foods of the whole world are available within five miles of here. I can drop out of this or any society and just grocery shop and enjoy my new kitchen. All I have to do is find a way to get over how truly wonderful it is/has been/can be in the United States and to stop hoping that it continues that way for future generations. But then….if I lose that hope, what else might be lost to me? I would lose so much of what I am so thankful for. If I give up on my country, my life can never again be as beautiful as it is now. No wonder I get so pissed off when people fuck with it!

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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