Everyone But Us Is A Bloody Terrorist! Our New Definition

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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In this new political election season that is just starting to become disgusting enough to be considered serious, the key word is terrorist.

Governor Scott Walker thinks that workers are terrorists. Everyone we don’t like are bloody terrorists. Does anyone even know what a terrorist really is anymore?

For example, is a revolutionary a terrorist? Were we terrorists when we gave King George his comeuppance? He certainly thought so. Were the French people terrorists when they, starving, overthrew their monarch? The Queen certainly thought so and really didn’t care whether everyone starved to death. Can you imagine anything so absurd as a French terrorist?

It seems the rationale for the sobriquet terrorist is that if you are a high wealth group member, everyone below you is a potential terrorist, and everyone who dares disagree with you is definitely a terrorist. We are so used to so many groups being labeled terrorist that there is almost no one left other than a few Republicans and some monarchists and third generation tsarist descendants. Certainly all foreigners who fail to agree with our every position in the world are now labeled terrorists. Islam, that is no one’s enemy, is considered terroristic by millions of the ignorant among us who know absolutely nothing about Islam.

But consider this, if you please. Judging from behavior, can we name any terrorist group that has not done exactly what we ourselves have done in our own march to absolute wonderfulness?

The Israelites, according to several places in the Old Testament, slaughtered men, women and children for the soul purpose of taking their land – then sportingly known as “putting them to the sword”. Moving ahead a bit, the Catholic Church burned thousands at the stake in public in the 15th Century and the Americans did the same thing to people they thought witches a few hundred years later. Beheadings have been the method of execution du jour for dozens of religious and other recognized groups – including, famously, the French again. I think it was rather spectacular that those whose starvation the Queen thought was quite acceptable put her head on the block. The English did it for centuries, adding drawing and quartering into the party many times, and also all in public. And don’t forget what American settlers and later government units did to the Native Americans, also only for reasons of greed for land. In our own instance, we can add giving them infected blankets so they could die from diseases from which they had no immunities. The French gave the world the clap and we gave the Native Americans smallpox. The Japanese during World War Two did most of the things I may have left out, many simply for the wonderful sport of cutting off someone’s head while he was tied helplessly, defenselessly to a post. And is rape included in this menu? If so, then who is free from this sin? In America today there is a large movement to try to get rape reduced, especially in our institutions of higher learning and in the military.

I bet I have left out more “terror” events committed by us and by those we admire that I have included.

What is the difference between one public beheading, immolation, other form of death by torture and any other awful way to inflict death? Does anyone know of any of these that those we now admire have not committed? How is their culpability different from our own?

What is there to the term terrorism other than geopolitical epithet? Please tell me.

Today if you take my home and oppress me, and then I try to oppose you and overthrow your oppression, am I a terrorist or a patriot?

My argument is that Hiz B’Allah and Hamas are not that much different from those at Lexington and Concord. The father of the American Revolution lived in London, and the parents of Hamas and Hiz B’Allah live in Tel Aviv. And, to make a truly awful example, is Isis anything more than a fanatically furious reaction to over a millennium of western occupation and exploitation of resources – upholding any cruel tyrant that will sell us their treasure for cheap? Remember that Jesus was born in the Roman Empire.

We have enemies. Historically you are nobody if you did/do not have enemies with whom you fought to the death; whom you enjoyed vilifying; and whom you slaughtered in as many public ways as possible. Some morons argue that we should not have atom bombed the Japanese in World War Two, but when the Japanese thought they had the upper hand, was that hand ever stayed?

We are told never to forget the Nazis, but how long after World War Two was it until Jews were driving Porches and Wagner’s music was played in Jerusalem? The Chinese “Communists” are now the world’s largest consumers of the most expensive French and other wines.

Historically, shit happens. How soon thereafter were we buying cheap Japanese electronics and then automobiles. It was certainly called worse while it was going on, but later we all kissed and made up and moved on to our next villains. No one can dispute that schedule.

What is amazing about today’s “terrorists” is that the ignorant falsely attribute them and their beliefs to Islam. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are nationalists, fanatic nationalists and will do today exactly what the Romans and other western cultures did to them in and since Biblical times.

Islam is so close to Christianity that only cultural and historical nuances serve to differentiate them. Muslims venerate Abraham/Ibrahim, Moses and Jesus. We Christians have our messenger from God and they have the Prophet Muhammad. The Quran, for anyone willing to take the time to read it and to read about it, prescribes the worship of One God, just as we profess to do – and the same God at that. Muslims are peace loving familiar wonderful people, just as there are wonderful people amongst the rest of us. Islam/Muslims are not the enemies of America. They come here for sanctuary when their homelands are being destroyed, just as the Italians, the Irish, the Jews and many others.

They are hearts of our hearts and souls of our souls.

Every historical group of assholes is now in some measure our “friend” or “ally”. When will we grow up and just go on about killing each other without all this childish name calling?

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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