How The Hell Do You Feel About Lutefisk

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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I now fully realize how deeply felt are the feelings about matters folks don’t know a damn thing about. The dynamic is expressed in several ways, from this is terrible to it’s gonna fuck up the kids to it violates God’s plan.

It is amazing how ridiculously stupid most people are. They sign on to an allegiance – religious or political – and then drink the Kool Aid flavor espoused by that propaganda without ever questioning motive, source, reliability, sanity or who’s interests are really being served. I think that explains most of the dynamic about establishing and running those businesses called religious institutions. Religious institutions are not the religions. They are the business models that have sprung up too fleece the sheep in the name of all that is right, good and “holy”.

How fitting that the history of the clergy – contrary to the teachings and doctrines of their religions - in the Catholic Church and the Islamic minions of Afghanistan and elsewhere practice the sexual abuse of little boys as a social norm. The church protected its pedophiles and the United States Army instructs its personnel to look the other way when molestation occurs right in front of them on US bases in the Middle East. Now there would be a dilemma if logic had anything whatsoever to do with all this pseudo rectitude.

Of late – say the last twenty years – fortunes have been made from denouncing gays and lesbians. That has now morphed into campaigns to thwart how gay and lesbian life works. In other words, what is normal for hetero people should not be permitted for people who are other than hetero – think marriage and children.

If I correctly read the foundational principle of the anti LGBT constituency, it is that God does not want anyone other that girls to suck penises or engage in anal sex. The feminist movement feels like it is relegated to second class status by evil men, but never express their appreciation for this monopoly on cock sucking and ass fucking. How ungrateful can one be?

Micro management is now at such a stage of sophistication and particularization that it now takes a civil rights ordinance, a general election and several multi appeal lawsuits to decide where trans gender people should be allowed to pee when they are in public. People running for mayor of Houston these days have taken to pandering to voters who believe their women folk will be raped, sodomized and exposed to all sorts of views of anatomical horrors if those in transition from one gender to another are allowed to use the public restrooms of their destination gender. Women might go potty and see penises! What the hell kind of situation is that? And if women are allowed to see penises, they may become dissatisfied with the penis they have at home. Could that be the real unspoken agenda here? Face it. If men self define according to penis configuration, does that lead to psychotic tendencies? Someone will get a huge federal grant to study political orientation of men according to penis size – length and girth – separately and then combined length and girth. Without both such dimensions the study would not be worthy of PhD level recognition. The lip biting angst of some men results from their consideration of all those really great penises no longer to be used by transgender candidates simply being thrown out when their transplantability could become a really fantastic franchise concept – Curley’s Cocks – Get your ultimate pecker here – six surgeons, no waiting. Models could be “tailored” to serve every possible peckercentric preference of its customers. Not just circumcised or not, but adjustable configurations remotely controllable like your TV set, music and other signature features limited only by the scope of one’s imagination.

Ironically, the fanatics seem incapable of recognizing their open gestures of stupidity, even from the bully pulpit in an election year. They claim to support the Constitution which separates church and state, but run to support despotic officials who refuse to exercise their sworn public duties on the alleged ground that to do so would offend God. The recent events in Kentucky regarding gays seeking marriage licenses dramatically portrays Constitutionalists running to get on TV and support some moron clerk on an issue of quill driving in the signatures of officialdom on documents required under law. Swearing to uphold the law and the Constitution means nothing to them if they can get air time defying the courts on so called religious grounds. It is amazing how religious they can get where TV coverage is involved. Mark’s Gospel tells us that Jesus admonished us to express our religiosity in private rather than publicly for reasons of demonstrated hypocrisy for the sake of notoriety. There would seem to be no wiggle room regarding public genuflection and its probable insincerity.

According to the lifestyle tyrants, no less that God Himself/Herself limited marriage to a relationship between one man and one woman (so much for polygamy, huh Mitt Romney). Of course God said no such thing. The customs of the place and time are celebrated in the Bible, to be sure. Those who wrote the Bible were people who lived in societies where such things were the rule. On the other hand, temple “virgins”, whores for priestly big shots, were also customary in those same societies. Perhaps temple virgins were OK because they were part of a heterosexual relationship, something the clergy over the centuries seemed so frequently to ignore. So much for religious imprimatur and heterosexuality. Where is the rationale for this seeming incongruity? Here for the first time is the clearly stated rationale for that otherwise inexplicable behavior. It’s OK to fuck boys up the ass if you are a religious leader.

The other front page excuse for homophobia amongst the fundamentalists is the notion that same gender couples are “bad” for children and that they should never be allowed to adopt them. After all, so they ask, what would happen to child development if both its parents were of the same gender? The consequences would be dire.

The obvious fundamental problem with this argument is that there is no history on single gender families raising children from which any conclusion could be drawn regarding its effect upon their developmental potentialities.

If you want to start a fist fight with a homophobe, resist his position about gay marriage and children with the statement that there is no history on which he can base that statement. Proceed further to point out that about half of heterosexual marriages in this country end in divorce, and the children are raised in a confrontational environment by dysfunctional parents, one of whom deserts them entirely. Then, really push his buttons by indicating that the resource for children available for adoption is orphanages. Nobody knows that better than me. Ask the bozo whether a loving homosexual set of parents beats being brought up in an orphanage with no parents at all. At this point the bloody moron is red in the face, calling you a fucking Communist, and winding up to throw a roundhouse punch aimed at your face. So much for logical discussion with those who brook no disagreement, no matter what.

It is up to the rest of us to prevent the assholes from ruling the world. Last time when we stood by and did nothing the Nazis took over Europe. I need not go into the specifics of what life was like under those folks because everyone knows about it. If you let any violent ignoramus group achieve political/social control, disaster always follows. Beware stupid people in large numbers. Sitting at home and ignoring this will bring you what you deserve. Your rights under the Constitution are not self executing. If you sit passively by while they are undermined by assholes, then it will be the same as if there were no Constitution.

Next time someone with no knowledge about this informs you of his/her absolute opinion on the subject of impact upon children resulting from one gender families, ask the bastard how he/she likes lutefisk. The bastard probably knows nothing about that either.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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