I Won! Or Did I?

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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The 2006 mid term election is over. I won a martini – as large a martini as I might like. I won it from High Fibre Hoffman who had the nerve to dispute my political perspicacity when I opined that voters are so sick of the religious right and the fairy tale bullshit coming from the White House that they would use any excuse to throw the Republicans out of power – even using as excuses such matters as they themselves are always guilty of anyway, like corruption and child predation. Thieves and child predators abound in high political office just as in religious organizations. It attracts them because apparent (even if not real) power is big time wampum for opportunistic sex and envelopes stuffed with money.

So America went out and voted for the old crooks and child molesters who used to rule, just to get rid of the religious assholes who stifle scientific research on stem cell technology and refuse to permit evolution to be taught in schools or to be found in school library books. Gone will be the predominating belief that safe sex, disease prevention must not be taught because to do so will encourage fornication – as if anyone needed encouragement. Won’t that be nice, now! Those of us who are competent may go on about our sexual proclivities as we always did, and those who are reticent may now have the encouragement that springs from access to knowledge about how to do it safely. WOW!

Now the bullshit will taste more like Democrat bullshit, but be no less false and no less steamy a fresh pile as it is laid upon us day after day. Nor did they wait for even a day to begin with the shit – “We won’t be the party of petty retribution – We won’t even seek to impeach President Bush.” Of course the fact that there are no grounds for President Bush’s impeachment and no evidence of his doing anything impeachable anyway are utterly ignored. How bloody magnanimous of them offering to abstain from what they couldn’t do anyway!

It will be interesting to see, now that the Democrats have control of Congress, whether there is any real assistance forthcoming for the recovery of New Orleans from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Will FEMA suddenly become competent – staffed by competent people with experience – or will it be just bozos of the other political stripe, the same old burying ground for the cirrhotic livers of the left.

Will there be reality based decisions about the Middle East instead of the pretense that people over there like us and we don’t want to do anything to ruin that good will? Rather, won’t we continue to pretend that we might really do something against the will and interests of China and Russia unless they become more democratic? And won’t we continue to posture that we won’t tolerate nuclear Iran and nuclear North Korea until they are indeed nuclear and delivery capable? And will we continue to worry about missiles when the new delivery system for a nuke will certainly be a rented truck and not a missile?

Won’t we disingenuously continue to dummy down our educational system in the pretense that we are leveling a playing for the disadvantaged, and that if we really do dummy it down the disadvantaged will actually avail themselves of the pseudo opportunity and apply themselves to their betterment? Or will the disadvantaged simply continue to take drugs and fuck and commit crimes as they have always done? After all, you can’t imbue people who have no traditions with an ethos of study and self improvement through legislation, now can you?

And when the Democrats were formerly in power, did they establish a war policy of not sending Americans to war disabled by “rules of engagement” that gives the enemy a fatal advantage, or did they do the same stupid things in Viet Nam that cost so many American lives that the Republicans are now doing in the Middle East that will cost us so many more American deaths because we “play” by rules that make our people targets of opportunity? Our enemies have no rules. We need some rules that we don’t have. We need the rule that our military leadership get up front and face some of the daily realities in the field and then insist that rules not be imposed that are tactically disadvantageous. We now shrink from bombing the living shit out of people who are our enemies on the notion that amongst them might be some “innocents”. We now leave villages that are the bases of operations of our enemies intact because there is a notion that we need to keep the friendship of the non combatants – what utter bullshit. There are no non combatants. Those people will actively support anyone who doesn’t kill them. That means they will support our enemies if we let them live. DUH! Their women and children are now suicide bombers. Women and children who are suicide bombers have to be shot just like grown men who are using weapons against us. These people, taking into consideration what they will do to each other given the opportunity, are never going to embrace democracy or like us. Their religious leaders preach violence and martyrdom. They need to be whacked. That’s the only thing that influences what they do. They know that because that’s what they do to each other.

Again we fail to learn from recent history. When savage agony was inflicted upon their victims by the Nazis and Japanese in World War Two, attacking cities and civilian populations without hesitation, we gave them the same medicine. We fire bombed them and atomic bombed them. We gave them the experiences that they inflicted upon others. And they learned the lesson well. We won the war. We have still not heard any aggressive noises from them for the last sixty years. Anyone who believes that war is evil will seek to end it as quickly as possible. Instead, since Viet Nam, we prolong it and fail to obtain the teaching of any lesson, because we wallow in bullshit pseudo humanistic nonsense about trying not to injure civilians in the middle of conflict. No wonder our enemies think there is no real resolve in our efforts. And without the will to inflict upon the enemy what they would inflict upon us if given the chance, there can never be victory. And without victory, why be there in the first place.

They do that to each other because that’s the way their ancestors taught it to them for almost two thousand years. These people’s history is one of endless slaughter. They are the product of Mongol invasions over 1,500 years ago. When the Mongols made war they left thousands of piles of severed heads of their conquered men festering and fly ridden for the survivors to see. Women were enslaved to breed more warriors and artisans were saved for their crafts. Everyone else ended up with their heads in piles in the hot sun. From Genghis Kahn to Jamugha to Tamerlane, this practice was pervasive in every campaign. When the Muslim armies were invading Europe in the 15th century, the only thing that stopped the invasion and turned them back into their own countries were the invasions from the East by Tamerlane. The hordes from the steppes of central Asia taught the ancestors of those we now call the Arabs how to fight wars. Their war doctrine has not changed one iota since then. If our so called military leaders understood that, and were competently capable of educating our political leadership to the futility of persuasion, we would not be in stalemate or worse in Iraq today. We would also not be pretending that we can ignore the way their alliances amongst themselves work. They will ally against us until we are gone, and then they will turn upon each other. Mr. Assad of Syria thinks he can make deals with the Iranians and with Hizb’Allah that will inure to his benefit after they have achieved recognition that western Christian nations have no business in their sphere of influence. But in truth, Iran and Hamas and Hizb’Allah will leave his head on a pile as soon as the confrontation with the west is done.

They don’t enter into cooperative societies with democratic principles. They are absolutists. And those who pretend not to be absolutists are under attack from their own people who insist upon absolutism. In Syria and Iran and North Korea, democracy is their synonym for instability. Why do we pretend that it is otherwise and adopt policies doomed to failure because they are nothing but fairy tale policies? And will the Democrats do otherwise than the Republicans have been doing? Of course not!

Recent examples of what we can expect from the Democrats include that their legislative leader in the House of Representatives promoted a known thief as majority leader, a man voted down by his own party membership. Now there’s a demonstration of what Representative Pelosi understands about effective leadership. And then who does she promote for chairman of the House Intelligence Committee? She promotes a disbarred ex federal judge who, despite his criminality was elected as a political leader simply because of his race. And his peers voted him down also. She’s 0 for 2. I suppose there may be some hope that the Democrat majority can at least protect itself from its own leader in a pinch. If I were really cynical, which you know I am, I might posit that this is all theatre. It is a skit in which Pelosi promotes bozos whom she knows won’t be confirmed just to make a pretense that the Democrat majority has some scintilla of integrity and votes the bozos down. Are they above low tricks like that, which the electorate would never see through? Hell no! Any time politicians do anything that smacks of integrity, you know it has to be some intentional, set up deal to make the lumpen think they are getting a fair shake – poor bastards!

On the military front I may really have won something if a very early decision is made to recognize that our current policy in Iraq is totally incompetent and stop getting our own folks killed for no possible purpose. Either we get in there and slaughter the damn mother fuckers or we move out of the way and let them slaughter each other without risk to our own people. No one in his right mind believes that Mr. Maliki has any influence over anything. The entire charade that there is a duly elected Iraqi government represents only an opportunity for Iraqis to steal and loot everything of value that we send there; achieve nothing whatsoever that benefits anyone but themselves; and keep telling us that they believe in what we are doing so long as we keep on sending resources to them that they can misappropriate. Mr. Maliki can’t control anything beyond his anus. If he manages to have a normal bowel movement, he has exhausted his useful capabilities.

It pains me that President Bush constantly makes a bloody laughing stock of himself by insisting that democracy can be brought to the middle east by our pretending that the people in the middle east should have no say so in that process. If they wanted democracy, they would already have it. Rather, they view democracy as a euphemism for instability. They know their own culture better than we do. They know that only someone willing to cut throats on a minute’s notice can possibly administer their society, and that anyone with humanist sentiments will only bring about an atmosphere of license to murder that they are always inclined to commit in the name of their religious beliefs or for any other reason of the day.

If we learn that reality lesson, we will have at least gotten something for the extremely high tuition we have paid for it. When I believed we could possibly do something worthwhile over there if we adopted real policies and procedures instead of fantasy policies and procedures, I could justify the casualties. Now that I know that the whole doctrine is a purely bullshit doctrine, I am not willing to accept American casualties.

When the people you say you are trying to help/save are shooting at you, someone simply doesn’t understand the situation at all. Here is the reality. Shiites are happy to endorse majority rule. They are the majority. DUH! When the Sunnis ruled they slaughtered Shiites just like they were taught to do. Now the Shiites will get even just as soon as we get out of the way. The Sunnis know that, but they think they can again control Iraq. So both are shooting at us. And we keep mouthing the platitude that we are there to bring them the blessings of democratic society. No one could ever really believe such nonsense. So why is the nonsense the central message of our government regarding our Middle East involvement? It is because the real agenda isn’t politically correct to talk about.

The truth is that we don’t give a tinker’s damn about what they do to each other or how they go about doing it. We want stability for economic reasons. There’s nothing wrong in wanting stability for economic reasons. Why lie about it and make up idiotic fairy tale stories? The mineral resources in the Middle East are vitally important to our strategic global interests, and that’s what we have to protect. Those who would like to oppose our strategic interests oppose forceful effective action that might work well for us. Guess who they are. DUH! Maybe if we try to be honest about that, we might feel easy about being honest in how we go about establishing stability – buy slaughtering those who promote instability. Now was that so hard to say? Let’s say it and get on with reality. Demonstrating ineptitude certainly won’t discourage our enemies.

The only real politik doctrine for that part of the world is that fanatics are the majority because in any society in which people have no opportunity for education and economic achievement, the starveling ignorant masses are an automatically available army for any nut case fanatic agenda, and they have to be slaughtered or contained within their own region. Containment cannot be accomplished without slaughter, for experiencing slaughter is their only recognition code. When they venture outside their region with murderous agendas, they need to experience enormous devastation, on a scale that makes it clear that that is what their god intended to happen to them. Only with incredible casualties, so severe that they are rendered incapable of functioning, will they then stay within their region for another few decades until they can reprocreate more cannon fodder for another try. We need leadership on our side that has an eye on what these people will do to us if we don’t keep them from it by main force.

We also need to stop pretending that there is a war on drugs. There is not and there never has been a war on drugs. Hell, we Americans are the biggest incentive for the drug trade. We are their biggest and best repeat customers. We can’t educate our own people about the pernicious and destructive results of recreational drug use. Until we can effectively get our own people to buy into drug abstinence, we will not be waging any war on drugs. In fact, it would not in the least come to me as a surprise to learn that those who bruit the hoax of a war on drugs are amongst those who profit most from drug use. Consider, if you will, that without continuous drug use in America, there would be no drug business to make war on. They need Americans to stay hooked so that they can make money from the government running this charade that there is a war on drugs. DUH!

If you want some evidence that the “war on drugs” is a charade, what other kind of program would have as its agenda that the grindingly poor farmers of the drug producing third world regions stop growing the best money crops they can and instead grow something that brings in less money? Can you imagine an agenda more idiotic than that? They have no industry. They are only peasants living from day to day growing the only crop that will support them even at their miserable level. The real money goes to their political leaders who are all in league with the drug cartel bosses. We give money and weapons to their political leaders to assist them in making war on the drug cartels, but the drug cartels are as healthy as they ever were. It’s a bloody charade! War occurs when you apply military resources to destroy an enemy. Nothing of that sort is occurring. There is no war on drugs. If there were no economic incentive to our political leaders in keeping the drug trade rich, we would simply legalize it and take the criminal risk economic premium off the price. The big profits would disappear and the drug trade would become just like our other pharmaceutical companies. We could then regulate it just we regulate the use of other poisons, like cigarettes.

If we really wanted people off dangerous drugs, we would give them away free – as much as you like – to anyone who wanted it. There would be many deaths from overdose that we could widely publicize, hastening the day when Americans really do learn that recreational drug use is a life destroyer. Then only the stupidest amongst us would use recreational drugs, and they would die off – enhancing the intelligence level of our society. Of course that won’t happen because too many religious and political leaders are making too much money pretending that there is a “war on drugs”.

The unfortunate result of our situation is that we are too rich and arrogant to believe that we have to do anything other than wishful thinking in order to have our comfortable existence. We will not get real about any of this until we too have begun to suffer real pain. We don’t see the WTC attack in New York as another Pearl Harbor. We think that our police departments can cope with any attacks from terrorists and eventually they will give up and go home. All the while we are in their homelands being ridiculous with our bullshit policies. I fail to see a positive result in that manner of relationship management. I love America enough to want to make the strongest possible statement in the hope that somehow a light will be turned on before we suffer enormous losses here at home that we pretend are not in the offing. Our perspective on all this is like that of Otto Von Bismark when he was asked what he would do if the French were to invade Germany. He responded that if that were to happen, he would send a policeman to arrest them. In the context of French military competence, he was probably right. In the context of what we are facing with the nuclear arming of the third world, we cannot afford that arrogance.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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