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It seems like no one is addressing the situation in Iraq in reality mode. What is being said is rather a parade of agenda driven rants targeting the next election in America. That is as true of the Republicans as it is of the Democrats. Everyone is running for something, so everyone has to have a ďviewpointĒ. The viewpoints that I see/hear/read are not really views at all, but pretense and posturing. The reality is that everyone is right about some small aspect of the situation, but no one seems to have a grasp of a total dynamic comprehension. I donít agree with any of it. With no apologies for anything, here is my view of the last three years of our involvement in Iraq.

Prior to the current incursion I was entirely sold on the decision by George Bush Senior to drive the Iraqis out of Kuwait, create a buffer zone between the Hussein regime and the oil producing states they sought to dominate, but leave it at that. It was the right strategic decision at that time for many reasons. The main reason that it was the right strategic decision is that it worked. But to agree with any decision and then take a nap and forget about it will never produce reality dynamics. Reality dynamics must acknowledge that the situation is dynamic, not static. Dynamism requires that decisions be re-examined frequently and that new decisions be made when the situation changes. Itís a moving picture, not a snapshot.

The next relevant event was the terrorist attack on New York City, popularly known as  9/11. This was the classic Pearl Harbor gambit, dramatic and incredibly stupid. It killed over 3,000 people before the entire scenario was complete that day.

We ďimmediatelyĒ did the right thing again. We eliminated the government that harbored the people directly responsible. And then we proceeded to continue to do the right thing, but to tell stupid stories about what we were doing and why. The current Bush administration did an incredibly brilliant thing, but decided that Americans are just too fucking stupid to deal with what we were doing and why. The ensuing bullshit has played into the hands of everyone who seeks to make political revenue out of claiming that we did the wrong thing, and from a political perspective, the Bush administration is paying a heavy price, and the Republicans will pay an even heavier price at this yearís elections.

Do you know what stacking means? It means the piling up of crap until small pieces of crap, stacked upon on another amount to a pile of shit so big that the stink overwhelms the folks who piled it there. If the Bush administration had not done other things that cause Americans to be revolted and disgusted, the Iraq exercise would not be the centerpiece of their political destruction that it now most certainly is. There is this huge steaming turd out there in the hot sun that is just smelling the place up. That turd is that the Bush administration surrendered its essential humanity to the SCF (Sanctimonious Church Fuck) constituency in America. They in turn are driving their imbecile agendas down the throats of Americans who are resenting the hell out of it and out of them.

Anywhere in the world where the religious conservatives are driving the train, the train is fucked up. We Americans donít like riding a fucked up train driven by religious zealots trying to force their ridiculous bullshit views down our throats. We are a moderate and centrist people, middle of the road folks who normally live by the rule of live and let live. We donít tell people what to think or what they can and canít do in private that isnít hurting other people. The SCF people, just exactly like the Ayatollahs of Islam, canít stand the notion that the rest of us might have our own and different idea of how society and life work, a more tolerant idea than they will permit if allowed to have their own way.

Having allowed those assholes to drive the social train in this country, the Bush folks have alienated every independent minded intelligent person who is considering how to vote in the coming elections. As much as I like George Bush, I too am tired of the religious right and their totalitarian bullshit. 

These other issues, the non-Iraq issues, including the price of oil and gas, the collapse of emergency disaster recovery assistance agencies following last yearís hurricanes and anything else that is sticking in votersí throats are combining with the problems that stem from misinformation/disinformation about what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan to create a political quagmire from which recovery seems impossible.

If America were to have been deemed capable of being trusted with the truths about the Iraq campaign, they would have been informed of the following, all of which seem to me to be quite an intelligent agenda, despite mistakes in execution that are common to any large scale military operation.

One true purpose of the Iraq campaign was to deal with Iraqís own claim that it did have WMD and would use them and that it would join with the rest of the angry constituency of the Islamic world to oppose America and its client states in the middle east, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Another true purpose of the Iraq campaign was to recognize that there is a current armed conflict with various Islamic interests and to select someplace other than the USA as the geographic theatre in which that conflict would be conducted. By placing our military assets in Iraq, our Islamic enemies would be invited to attack us there.  That and the implementation of tighter security protocols here in the USA, seem to have succeeded in facilitating the intent to make someplace other than America the theatre of combat.

Another true purpose in the Iraq campaign has been to create a military establishment in the Middle East where it can act as a deterrent force in place where deterrent force is most likely to be needed in the near term. If any group or coalition of groups attacks us or our allies, we now donít have to marshal our capabilities thousands of miles away from where the action is and take months to get a military build up established in theatre. We are there. We are ready to deal with any situation that may arise there, and that fact is making that area of the world a lot less dangerous than it otherwise would be.

If we were not there, Americans would be dying in the same or greater numbers here in America. Fighting this campaign on US soil would be pure idiocy, and the Democrats would now be screaming that the Bush administration enabled combat in America by not taking the fight to the enemy. That would have been a complete failure of reason, and the so called anti war constituency is really upset because they donít have combat in the USA to use as the rallying cry for the coming elections.

Had these very worthy truths been told to the voters in the USA all along, the Bush administration would not be in as dire straights on the war issues as they now find themselves.

Make no mistake. We will have more attacks here in America, but they will be fewer than they would have been if this had been the only place to find us. No matter how many attacks there are, they will not be crippling to us. We are under greater risk from acts of nature than from Islamic terrorists. Even a few atomic attacks would not be outcome determinative.

The enemy would not have become a friend had the Bush administration not done what it has done. Their implacability is the normal manifestation of combined religious absolutism, ignorance and poverty. They have as their constituency the impoverished masses who live daily under such privation and ignorance that they can easily be recruited to any revolutionary campaign. The rich donít become communists or militant religious fundamentalists willing to wage war. The ayatollahs have these minions at their disposal, and they simply have to be dealt with in a decisive manner. As we say here in Texas, some folks just need to be killed.

Another misinformation/disinformation regimen is the story about how we will democratize Iraq. Whether Iraq becomes a democratic society or not is of no consequence or value whatsoever. It is just another bullshit story for the stupid to glom on to. Democratic social and political stability is unlikely were everyone thinks it is perfectly OK to shoot those who donít agree with them. It isnít any more complicated than that. DUH! This aint rocket science here. These are ďgovernmentsĒ run by local lunatics and thugs who are tolerated because they have mineral resources that we need or because they have other  ďassetsĒ that we want to use. In the case of the former Soviet states that border Iran, we tolerate their thugs because they will allow us to base military assets in their country. These thugs are invited to come to Washington to dine at the White House despite their ďhuman rightsĒ records. Vladimir Putin was right this morning when he said that America harps on democratic and human rights issues only when dealing with those whose let and leave are not needed. We never gave a tinkerís damn about human rights and democratic ideals in the instance of any government in Africa, Central America or the Caribbean so long as our business and military interests in those areas were served and they only murdered their own folks. The same can be said for the rest of the world. We donít really give a damn about local politics elsewhere, and Iraq is no exception. But it isnít politically correct to acknowledge that reality. We feel that we have to pretend to be concerned. Utter bullshit!

That has also been the history of the Europeans. No one came to the aid of the Poles when the Nazis attacked, despite the existence of treaties in which they were promised assistance. As long as Hitler attacked eastward, no one gave a damn. Only when he moved on the west was there an alarm, and even then the isolationist attitude in the USA at the time caused us not to get involved until England was about to be overwhelmed, Nazi submarines were sinking coastal shipping within three miles of the east coast of the USA, and the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt had to pretend to be leasing military aid to England just to provide materials assistance. It has always come here when we waited and vacillated before jumping on the sumbitches in their own back yard. Hitler could have been stopped in his tracks before the Nazis overran Europe, but for the same whiners and isolationists who now decry the fighting in Iraq. Could it be that George Bush is the only one who actually reads history and understands that those old mistakes of waiting too long have to be avoided now?

Ask yourself whether it is better that the jihadists stream into Iraq for combat or stream into someplace we really care about? Isnít it much preferable that Iraq get fucked up than the USA? It would be OK if the war in the USA took place in Detroit, Cleveland or some other already destroyed wasteland like that, but that wouldnít be likely. The most likely USA theatre war zones are New York City and Washington. Other combat areas include American neighborhoods. Fighting these folks in Iraq is by far the better choice.

It is also OK to acknowledge that we have as part of our motivation the protection of our access to the oil resources of the Middle East. Itís not like we take their oil without paying for it. Whether and how that revenue is shared with the unwashed masses by the local thuggery over there is not our concern.  These people have never had anything and they never will. We have seen in my lifetime that overthrow of the capitalist oligarchs and establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat does not change the lot of the masses. They were impoverished and ill served before those revolutions and they were impoverished and ill served after the revolutions.

Diplomacy is nothing but the false art of spraying perfume on bullshit. In my other than humble opinion, the situation would eventually become a lot better and more realistic if we were to eliminate people who engage in diplomatic clap trap and simply state what it is that we do and why. No greater number of people will hate us than before, and there might even be a few who find being talked to straight is refreshing.  One of the best and brightest in our country, former Secretary of State James Baker, laments the absence of civil discourse. I agree, and it is too bad that we just scream obscenities at each other these days. But civil discourse can be reality based and direct. It isnít the stupidity that is the preferred medium of conversation now, with politically correct dissembling being passed off as real information.

Iraq is just one campaign in what will be a twenty year war against the impoverished Islamic fundamentalists of the world. This isnít the first time that Islamists tried to take over. They once ruled southern Europe and were banging on the gates of Vienna. The bakers of Vienna, wanting to suck up to the assumed new rulers, invented the Croissant, a pastry in the shape of the Islamic crescent. They were driven back then and they will be driven back now. The tactics and technology are different now. But it is just the same old shit on another day.

No one in America wants war, except maybe a few lunatics. That does not mean, however, that we should shrink from it when it presents itself. Every once and a while, as history has proven so many times, you just have to kick some asses and cut some throats if you want to survive. Fat lazy people canít talk their way out of conflict with poor, hungry and aggressive enemies. Hollywood assholes who think this is some kind of fairy land ought to get the hell out of here like they promise/threaten to do whenever they donít get their way. Who needs Ďem? Canada is welcome to every one of them.

The funny thing is that when the Democrats take over the government in the next election, they will make the same decisions that the Bush administration has had to make. If they donít, then the theatre of warfare may quickly move here. They will also commit the same acts of corruption as the Republicans. Hopefully, however, the religious right can crawl back under their rocks for a while. They give rectitude a bad name.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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