A New Franwack Our Nation's Drug Policy Revisions – A Humorous Look AT The FUture And A Serious Look At The Presen

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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A new franchise offering is entering the marketplace. It offers everything one might need to grow all sorts of plants, including pot, especially pot. It is in reality focused on pot growing, but claims to be a grow everything concept to try to fly under any enforcement radar. Anyone who does not know what pot is should stop reading this immediately, One of the problems with it as an investment vehicle is that federal law does not yet permit Americans to produce or deal in pot, not even for medical use. Some states are moving in that direction, but the federal law will continue to criminalize it for quite a while, unfortunately. Another problem is that if the drug policy were to change in favor of legalizing pot, the price of it would plummet, making it impossible for anyone to produce a positive business plan for a franchise investment.

Where does that leave the value of this franchise, considering that pot is the main selling message for it?

With cigarettes running from $ 65 to $ 100 a carton these days (200 cigs per carton), about 30 – 50 cents per cig, what would you suppose weed would cost were it to be legalized and sold by the pack or carton by the big tobacco companies or any other producer of sufficient scale? How long would a carton of weed last your average stoner? Would he smoke weed all the time or mix it up with smoking cigs in between?

In preinvestment due diligence for a weed shop franchise you would compare the revenue statistics against the revenue statistics of your average tobacco shop, which is always independent and does not have to pay the costs associated with being anyone’s franchisee. Does the average net revenue/cash flow of a tobacco shop provide enough net to cover the carrying costs of a franchise relationship which will be from 15 % to 20 % of gross sales even if the disclosure package appears to say that the carrying costs are less?

The answer is that you don’t buy a restaurant because you like the soup. You go buy the soup when you feel like having a bowl of soup. You think this is being cruel, but the soup franchisees in New York City bought soup shop franchises because Zagat said the soup was good and they all went broke because the idea of buying the store that sells the soup you like occasionally is just plain stupid.

The answer is that you don’t make a weed franchise investment or a weed growing store investment. Farmers never get rich unless there is oil and gas under the farm.

On the money/debt responsibility you save by not buying the franchise, you can smoke weed for free for the rest of your bloody life.

So what is the remaining question regarding this potential franchise offering, since someone claiming to be an expert in franchise development apparently is consulting with the potential franchisor about whether to do it? Consider that the potential franchisor is likely to have an investment in any franchise plan in the area of $ 150,000 to $ 250,000 before he ever sees a nickel in revenue, and he should bloody well have run the franchisee’s business himself to prove that it can be done with sufficient profits for his franchisees to do the same thing plus pay him royalties and other fees. What would the expert consultant have told him to suggest this as something that a rational person should attempt?

There is a theory that since franchise development consultants only make money if their “client” decides to franchise the business in question, the consultants of this world never tell anyone that any concept would not fit a franchise model. They may make chump change on the initial consultancy, but the real money comes in convincing the client to go through with it. There is also a theory that franchise consultants are almost all former franchise “executives” whose companies failed as franchisors or whose companies saw them as redundant and unproductive and cashiered the lot. A very few are lawyers who took a greater interest in the business side of franchising. You can come to your own conclusions about who the consultant is qualitatively that is suggesting marijuana growing supplies franchise and whether he is taking into account the legal environment in which he is working. The thread of discussion may be seen on www.BlueMauMau.org . If it is not still on the front page when you get there, search for Marijuana Megastore postings and you ought to find it.

My personal feeling is that pot for personal use, medical or recreational, ought to be legal. It is certainly no more dangerous a public health issue that booze or tobacco and we allow both of those. The blue nose effect is a vestigial social taboo about pot from the 1960s that has outgrown its usefulness and relevance. In addition to that, there are so many other common practices that are likely to do us in that this seems rather inconsequential.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror today we see an obese reflection produced by ignorance about food and exertion balances as well as by sloth. We have become, with too few exceptions, a fat, lazy and ignorant people. What happens to societies that become fat, lazy and ignorant? Are there enough people with good sense; in good shape; and sufficiently trained and organized to protect and defend the hoards of the fat, lazy and ignorant? And if so, would protecting such a genetic disaster of a society be worth doing? Nature has its way of eliminating toxic influences. Nature adapts around toxic influences by mutating around it or simply eliminating it from our natural world. It may take several centuries or millennia, but that is the ultimate result of our making ourselves irrelevant. The only question is how nature would go about it.

There now has to be a national advert campaign against traffic in little girls for sexual abuse. We are now no better than the awful Europeans who book sex vacations in Southeast Asia so that they can rape little girls as part of the trip package. There have always been sexual predators among us, but I didn’t think the problem had become a nationwide business. That is so disgusting that its reputational impact on our society needs no elaboration. It is responsibly reported that President Obama could exit the White House and within two blocks encounter a sex slave being forced to play the trade in public. On the other hand, one would expect that sex slavery would flourish anywhere that is a center of political activity.

Looking back through history at the societies that were powerful and productive, that allowed themselves to become fat, lazy and ignorant, we have several examples of nature’s handiwork in this context. Consider the Roman Empire and the French.

Both were overrun by tough, skinny, marginalized hoards of invaders that vandalized the remnants of the society, removing the society in its then current form from the planet. Italy and France are now just museum pieces with no potential to exert positive influence upon any aspect of human development. They are tourist meccas and produce over priced, mainly low quality wine. Their so called great wines are a very small portion of their output, and they are greatly overpriced. No one with good sense would ever buy anything produced in Italy that has moving parts. There is nothing of current relevance about any aspect of French “society”. Italian and French food is far better in the United States than they are in their native countries. No one goes to Europe for the food and wine anymore unless they win a trip on a quiz show.

It has been years since I even heard a joke about French wine connoisseurs. My favorite was the one about the man who was reputed to be able to tell from one sip of wine from which vineyard its grapes had come; from which field in the vineyard they came; from which corner of that field; at what month, week and day they had been picked; and whether the picker was right or left handed. Handed a glass of piss, he correctly identified it on only one sip as piss. Then he was asked, “Whose piss is it?”

Other than their so called great wines, representing less than one percent of their wine production, the current classification of French wine should be something like this. There is Plonk (crap) – the high end of what the French drink normally. Plonk is either Plonk village or Plonk superieure. Just below that there is Piguette – French slang for piss. And of course Piguette comes in Piguette village and Piguette superieure. But there is even a lower classification than that. It is called Tordre Boyeaux (twist your bowels). That too comes in village and superieure.

At least in the good old days when we actually waged real war instead of what passes for war today with its ridiculous and suicidal “rules of engagement”, we could mobilize into an effective fighting force. The last war we actually won ended in 1945. Since then we have fed the lives of thousands of wonderful young people into ridiculous carnages by adopting the stupidest of military doctrines that we call counter insurgency.

Counter insurgency is the idiotic notion that we can invade the country of people who hate us, kill off those of them who are about to form/have recently formed an effective government (for them) but who disagree with us, while those not in government magically (so we stupidly say) become our “allies” and welcome us with open arms in consideration of our instructing them regarding the principals of participatory democracy.

Of course it never works in reality – think Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. But we persist in sending our best people into bloodbaths to serve that stupidity, just as we did with the Kennedy administration idiotic Domino Theory regarding Southeast Asia.

Wishful thinking is not a substitute for reality. Reality is harsh. Ignoring reality is usually and regularly fatal. If I ignore reality and am destroyed as the result, that is one thing. For our government to kill off our youth in service to stupidity, that is a recipe for national disaster. Add to that the fact that we are now fat and lazy, and then ask yourself what is there about such a people that does not invite the vandal hoards to invade.

Now if we are to be invaded by some essentially stone age religious fanatics, wouldn’t it at least be nicer if we were not only fat and lazy but also a nation of stoners? Our best people would man the trenches, but there might not be enough good people to resist the onslaught and we may not have enough drones in stock. It is hard to use nukes as anti personnel devices.

Nukes are for attacking, not for front line defense. Nuking their homelands isn’t very promising, as these are essentially Stone Age people – think Afghanistan. Nuking their goats doesn’t sound like great strategy. The barbarian hoards would kill off those of us not worth keeping for sex and other forms of slavery, and we would disappear as a society. Looking back at history for lessons, we see that Italy became one nation in large part because the only potential invading force at the moment were the French. Even an Italian can defeat France. Asked what he would do if the French were to invade his country, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck responded, “I would send the police and arrest them.”

Perhaps the fastest growing segment of our population today is a 17 year old who weighs 250 pounds, is diabetic with hypertension, and pregnant but unmarried with no marketable skills. She and the father of her “child” did not finish high school or graduated with minimal grades and learnt just about nothing that should have been taught. Both are unemployed and in many cases the “father” has already scrammed out of there by the time the “baby” arrives. This delivery is paid by Medicaid, and the “mother” did not receive effective prenatal care. Ask yourself what is the genetic potential of this demographic. Oh, and did I mention the tattoos?

We do have a wonderful segment of our population that consists of youngsters who are serious, dedicated people whose values include military service. Military service is “ultimate commitment” level quality. They are all our national treasure. They protect the worthy and the unworthy with their lives. They die for us in a temporal sense as Christ died for us in a cosmic sense. But we have become so degraded as a society that when they need help they usually don’t get it or get very little, and that very late. They and their families often have to turn to charity and relief resources because our government puts their care as a very low priority all the while paying lip service to them. That is one of our national shames. That default on our national part is a reliable measure of how low we have sunk in the scale of relative values.

Will we pull our heads out of our collective ass in time to reverse this trend? We must think in today’s terms. The Muslim bomb will not be delivered in an ICBM. It will be hidden inside a soft drink dispensing machine and delivered in a truck. We are not now prepared to defend against it nor are we prepared to deal with the consequences of it. We are too occupied with keeping people from smoking pot and keeping children from getting competent sex education. Too many who would be our leaders want our schools to teach the Bible instead of real history. These same people have no inclination to live by the moral principles they preach. They call themselves Conservatives but lack significant understanding of what it was that the “framers of the Constitution” had in mind. They think the “framers” intended out most fundamental document to be a snap shot rather that a more fluid pathway to a developing society and science. These same morons believe that stem cells should be discarded rather than being used to research cures for critical diseases supposedly on moral and religious grounds. Our founding fathers did not intend that religious fanatic morons lead this country. Of that I am absolutely positive.

So who will lead the country after this upcoming Presidential election? Will Congress again become controlled by a Democrat majority in both houses? I hope not. There has to be balance and competent representation of different political philosophies and positions. What I may believe to be the best approach cannot be seen as a best approach if it is not tested by and if it doesn’t survive testing by someone else’s different approach. The competition of ideas always yields a better result in the long run. I poke a lot of sarcastic fun at people with whom I disagree, but I have to be ready to take it when they poke their sarcastic fun at me. Thin skinned people do not belong in politics, as nothing is so inviting a target as someone who is absolutely certain that he has the only right answer.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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