The Mentalists

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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One evening on the tele, a man was presented who claimed to be the Amazing Bozo, a mentalist. Bozo stupefied the audience with his ability to “read” minds and perform feats of mental ability that seemed to defy all logic. As I had just finished off a couple of bottles of one of me very favorite pedestrian wines, I was, for a few moments, impressed by what appeared to be a truly superior intellect coupled to a sense of humor and a real personality. In this era of “stupid” television, someone with a personality and a brain, all contained within a single human entity, is a true rarity. When the moment of impressionability had passed and I realized that this has to be just another, albeit well performed, magic act, the enormity of the fact that I had been taken in for a few moments flowed through my conscious mind like a tsunami. It is now quite clear to me that “mentalism”, at a very low level of competence, is being practiced upon us by those to whom we entrust far too many of the critically important issues that affect our life, our economic and political concerns, our international relationships and our decisions to wage war. Just how low is the level of competence brought to these assignments will become clearer as this discussion continues.

There are certain rules of absolute truth that, when consistently applied to how things are decided/done, reveal that the important institutions of our lives are being run by “mentalists”. In government, the role of “mentalist” is brought to bear at the point where actual information is exhausted and the government fears acknowledgement of it. The analytical construct is that “If we are supposed to be in charge, we should know this. But we don’t! And we bloody well can’t have it known that we don’t know.” It is, of course, the product of consummate arrogance and stupidity. It is the fear that the revelation of not knowing will bring forth the opposition party claiming loudly that they know and therefore should be in charge – not the current administration – and, of course, that the citizenry are too stupid to be allowed to hear that. Well then! We shall fix those awful, unethical climbers! We will call in a “mentalist”. The mentalist will conjure up something that could, if there were facts to support it, sound like a proper result of our obvious superiority being studiously applied to the current situation. Later, when the mentalist’s pronouncements prove to have been utterly idiotic, we will have another mentalist say that we considered all possibilities when making our first statements, including that which has now eventuated, and we are now implementing the plan that we already have in place to deal with this anticipated situation. When the Kennedy administration first sent our folks over to Viet Nam, they had a cadre of mentalists from Harvard, including the head idiot Robert MacNamara. And you know how Viet Nam turned out. Not to worry, mate!

Some folks become upset when what is proclaimed is not fulfilled precisely as prophesized. How silly! On the other hand, since the world is populated by wishful thinking silly folk, and it is they who elect the leadership, simple blunt truthfulness will always result in political failure. They must be told what they wish to hear. The world must be described as they would that it were. Reality must be the wished reality, not the actual reality. Once you understand that such is the relationship between the governors and the governed, you simply omit reading official pronouncements. Once you disregard everything said by the government, life makes sense. The few issues that originate with government and that touch and concern your own life, laws about how you obtain and use credit cards or payment of taxes or obtaining a license to practice some profession or other must be complied with. Beyond that everything pertaining to government and how it operates or what it does is simply rubbish, not to be permitted to intrude upon the consciousness of rational people. It is not the government’s fault, after all, that its citizenry cannot handle truth and must be lied to constantly to prevent chaos. Having pronounced that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction – we know he had them some years back because he used them on the Iranians and the Kurds – we cannot now acknowledge the possibility that he may not have had them this year – even though he did have the wherewithal to make them. And so we have Dr. David Kay wasting a billion dollars a year looking for them. Having run through half a billion in 2003 and found nothing, he returned for another $ 600,000,000 to continue his search. Anyone who isn’t a complete imbecile knows that with that kind of money available for the asking, Dr. Kay is certain never to find anything. Would you find them if you knew it meant you could no longer feed at the federal trough?

And, were we not idiots, we could be entrusted with a more truthful statement of the circumstances, which goes as follows: The information we had before the onset of hostilities was interpreted to signify that they probably had weapons of mass destruction, and we knew from experience that if they did, they would use them. If they did not use them themselves, they were in a position to provide them to other groups like Al Quaida that would surely use them without the slightest hesitation. This was not a risk we were willing to take. Whether they actually had them or not was not the issue. Since it appeared that they probably had them, prudence required that they be dealt with in Iraq before they had to be dealt with upon being used in America. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were intelligent enough to be entrusted with that level of candor? More’s the pity!

The situation “on the ground” in Iraq is that guerilla resources from other countries pour into Iraq to attack American troops. They come in through Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and other contiguous areas. Because the mentalists have decided that we cannot/should not/dare not deal effectively with the guerillas’ staging areas in those other countries, for fear that they might declare something or other – nothing they declare will mean any changes in anything whatsoever – we do not go into those countries and clean out the nests that ought to be cleaned out. The guerillas have an umbrella protecting them. They need fear no attack until they actually come into Iraq to make their attack. Is that an advantage that an intelligent commander gives to an enemy? Hell No! Why do we do it? We do it because mentalists are making our decisions – people who have theoretical appreciation of fantasy relationships that aren’t really there and aren’t even available. For so long as such people make/influence policy, our troops will be killed by people who can plan/train/stage operations against us with complete protection from any pre-emptive action by us. We are instructed by the mentalists of the state department that we must pretend that countries providing resources to fight us in the field – human as well as material resources – are not really fighting against us and that they should be permitted to continue to do so without risk of retaliation on their own soil. Is that stupid or what?

Mentalists still promote the notion that the activity in Iraq has been the Iraq war. How stupid! There is no Iraq war. There wasn’t an Iraq war. Iraq is but a battle in a larger, ongoing war against Islamic fundamentalists who have whipped up the impoverished Islamic masses and will use them to make war against the United States and the west. Mentalists wrote a speech for President Bush that proclaimed an end to the major hostilities in Iraq on a victorious note. What nonsense! There are people who know that this is an ongoing war that will last at least another ten to fifteen years, but they are stifled because the American people lack the backbone to deal with harsh realities. Since the hostilities continue and grow more intense, totally inconsistent with the drivel being pumped out of Washington, credibility is lost and the President can believably be characterized as a bald faced liar. Why does he put himself through that? Does he really think things in the Middle East are going to improve before the next election? If so, then he really is as stupid as many people claim he is.

As the government goes, so do the other “great” institutions of our culture. One does not sell us anything by truthful disclosure. There are statutes mandating honest and full disclosure of salient facts about what we buy, but there are scant resources allocated for their enforcement. With no enforcement resources, the result is the same as if the laws were not on the books at all. Enforcement agencies established to regulate critical areas of commerce are all populated by the people who are to be regulated. No one effectively regulates themselves. Don’t be silly! It is merely theater. A certain number of enforcement actions are brought against miscreants who lack the resources to fight back and who simply roll over and surrender. These “victory” statistics are then used to show Congress how effectively the agency is working, and the following year’s appropriations are provided to fund another period of nonsense. Professional certification that financial information is properly accounted for to the extent that the information fairly presents the financial condition of the issuing company and the financial results of its operations for a stated period, all done nicely in accordance with principles and standards, applied in a manner consistent with past periods – to facilitate comparison/measurement of performance – is simply rubbish. Everything was going just swimmingly until some lunatic in New York insisted that professional standards of accounting actually must be observed, whereupon the utterly fictitious valuations placed upon the investments of millions of people were shown to be fantasy and everyone went broke. Here is a perfect example of why it is important that we be realistic about the need for mendacity. No recognized leader would ever truthfully account for expenses incurred when to omit them/postpone their recognition to a future period in which they did not occur would inflate apparent profitability and enhance the perception of the company’s value just before its stock is offered to the public. Don’t be a bloody fool, man! Everyone of real merit in our society knows that prisons are not for the “right” people, but only for the miscreant who purloins from the “right” people or who assaults or murders one of the “right” people.

Why, the whiners lament, is the operation of all public institutions corrupt? It is corrupt, you bloody arse, because you can’t handle the truth! Anyone in a position of leadership who was simply truthful would be summarily cashiered. The public would immediately opt for someone else who falsely claimed that rosy circumstances are not only possible, but are indeed your birthright, and that he could produce them were he but installed at the pinnacle of whatever institution is being considered. It is a dark art – in the dark it is easy to pretend that the truth is what it ought to be. One does not stand up and proclaim the regent to be naked without producing collapse of the “system”. The collapse is, of course, followed by years of contentious litigation, criminal and civil, which serves the sole purpose of enriching lawyers – thank God there is some justification for it all. The investors receive hardly a pittance of their losses. And the lunatic who stood up and called to everyone’s attention the fact that mendacity ruled the day is invited to speak on rectitude at every convocation. Laws are then passed to prohibit what was already prohibited anyway. The new laws will be “enforced” at the same level of quality as the previous laws, yielding the same result later on down the road, whereupon the entire scenario will repeat. Enron’s executives did not invent fraud. It has been around quite a while.

If you closely scrutinize any activity or group, you will find “mentalism” rigorously at work. How else might any religious institution that protected child molesters amongst their “priesthood” have the audacity to insist that it remain a trusted highway of your belief in God’s justice? So many who have lost corporate positions are now investing everything they own in small business opportunities that are transparent scams. They do this because the sellers of those opportunities are using the same “mentalist” misdescription techniques that were used upon their customers when they worked for their previous companies. They are like globs of mesmerized protoplasm, signing up to more financial oblivion due to their lack of ability to analyze anything they are told. Motivation seminars teach people to “fake it till you make it”. The fact that most fakers don’t make it never dawns upon them. The fact that Ray Crock and Bill Gates turned hamburgers and software into immense fortunes means that their odds of becoming wealthy by signing on to any agenda that may be in a similar industry must surely be at slam dunk orders of magnitude.

What we call education is not a regimen that equips anyone to do anything other than follow whatever sheep herd passes close by. As that produces unbelievable pain and frustration, we turn to drugs, to some counterfeit other dimension of existence where escape appears to be available. Here too “mentalism” is at work. We are told that there is a war on drugs – also complete rubbish. There is simply too much money in drugs for there to be a war against drugs. Besides, the demand for drugs is us. We are told that we are supporting programs to urge growers of drug crops to plant worthless substitute crops, flooding commodity markets and causing further declines in the values of the crops. And we expect the farmers in the third world to be stupid enough to comply? They aren’t that stupid. They haven’t matriculated from our great universities where their brains were turned to mush. They are so illiterate and primitive that they refuse to stop planting the only crops that will provide them a way to keep body and soul together. Occasionally we will make a big splash out of some arrest of some drug “kingpin” who is immediately replaced by Kingpin Junior. The billions we spend on this “mentalist” approach to drug use fails to stop 90 % of the illicit drugs entering the United States. War on drugs my arse!

The masters of God’s holy rectitude insist that children not be taught about safe sex or given birth control aids for fear that they may be encouraged to fornicate. Kids don’t need encouragement to fornicate. They will fornicate all they bloody well please. They need assistance in the prevention of unfortunate consequences like pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. They don’t fornicate less because sex education and birth/disease control resources are withheld. Fairy tale sloganism is urged upon us as a realistic approach. Are we that stupid? Obviously we must be! You can always spot these phony fundamentalists from their speech patterns. They love the word fornicate. They are always talking about family values. They use a claimed relationship with God to further their self-promotion. Every now and then they are caught doing what they preach against. They molest children sexually and they use drugs illicitly themselves. Bingo! Mentalism exposed again.

It now appears that our mentalists do not communicate amongst one another, so that the mentalist that excoriates the evil deeds perpetrated by the minions of Saddam Hussein do not talk with the mentalists who speak of our bringing justice and civilized treatment to the Iraqi society, nor does either of them know that what passes for intelligence resources in the military have encouraged mere Military Police personnel, the lowest scores on the acuity examinations conducted on entry level military personnel, to “soften up” prisoners of war so that their interrogation may become more efficient. Accordingly, the product of this particular mentalist group is that we are doing the very same things to prisoners that Saddam Hussein was doing as we proclaim ourselves to be above such bestiality. It was bound to blow up in our face sooner or later. What they didn’t count on was one soldier whose parents had taught him right from wrong and who had strong personal integrity. God Bless Tom Darby! And who gets prosecuted first? Certainly not the generals in charge of the prisoner of war facilities, and certainly not the general in charge of what passes for intelligence. Nope! Instead they court martial the low level idiots who, having not even a fundamental notion of simple right and wrong, are gleefully hooking up electrodes to the genitals of prisoners, forcing prisoners to copulate amongst themselves for the delectation of their guards, taking pictures of prisoners doing all the above, and, to cap it all off, taking pictures of themselves fucking the brains out of each other. Guess whose heads I would have on a plate if I were President. Our semi official national drugged up nitwit, Rush Limbaugh, sent an email to CNN this morning that was read on the air, in which he opined that the prisoner abuse was nothing worse that your average fraternity initiation. Now wasn’t that a helpful thing to say! I appreciate that he constantly does and says things that confirm my low opinion of him. He is living proof that you can make a living just be being disgusting, if you target your crap to the right population segment. Humorously, at the other end of the spectrum, there are mentalists outside all the local grammar schools this morning wearing chicken suits and carrying signs that read, “Chickens are our friends. We shouldn’t eat them.” Question to ponder today: Is there a point at which stupid policies and pandering to idiocy may become a harbinger of impending doom?

There is another way to look at this particular “glitch”. Maybe it is for the best. Maybe it will encourage our enemies to redouble their efforts to destroy us, so that we may pull our heads, alas, out of our arses and get on with the war that is there in reality instead of the fantasy war we tell everyone we are fighting. Inasmuch as our enemies are nothing more than impoverished suicidals with the potential to possess atomic weapons, we should handily prevail with only the nominal losses associated with tactical, rather than strategic nukes. Hell, we kill more folks than that driving wildly on weekends around here. Besides, they only seem interested in destroying Washington and New York City, and who gives a damn about those places anyhow. If they just stay the hell away from the California and Oregon-Washington wine producing region, would it be so bad?

As for me, I will continue to support the government in office at the moment. Believe it or not, the opposition would be worse. The opposition would first seek the concurrence of the French in what needs to be done. There can be nothing more idiotic than that. Anyone who believes the French are our allies, or that the United Nations can be relied upon as a coherent force for balanced rationality, represents qualifications so low that they couldn’t even occupy the White House effectively. The ones being offered up now even make Bill Clinton look attractive. We all would have hero-worshipped Bill Clinton if he had just owned up to all the pussy he got. In fact we would be jealous. If the Democrat party could have him back now and have him run on a campaign promise that “I’ll get more pussy than anyone else you could vote for”, they would be far better off than they are. They probably wouldn’t win on that platform, but the bozo folks in charge of their agenda now aint hitting home runs either. When you think of how much bad news President Bush is having to deal with these days, the failure of the Democrat candidate to make big gains in the polls is quite telling. Today’s bad news will quiet down before election day rolls around.

CNN has its own mentalist, the imbecile Dr. Sanjay Gupta, smarmy, oily, insipid pseudo physician who hasn’t put a speculum in anyone’s orifice in many years. This morning he was touting repeal of the law of natural selection. According to this mental giant, there is a very easy way to assure that future generations will not be capable of operating a simple bicycle in a safe manner. In my day, if you were too inept to ride a bicycle, you either didn’t ride one, or you did ride one and you injured yourself very decisively or were killed in the effort. This tended to reduce the perpetuation of this ineptitude in future generations, and, accordingly, we became a stronger and more capable population because of that. That is how the law of natural selection works, and it is the regimen by which we evolved into that state of advancement that obtained when I was born. People adapted to the environment. You can’t make the environment adapt to people except by destroying it, which our geniuses seem all too willing to do.

This pseudo doc has espouses creating a totally encapsulated cushioning environment for your head when riding a bike, and he calls it a helmet. It is absolutely the stupidest looking thing you ever saw, and people going around town wearing them might just as well hang a sign on their chests saying - - look at me – aint I stupid looking – would you fuck anyone who went around looking like this?

By dint of this practice, we can assure the future generations do not develop or need to develop competent riding skills, and that they can fall off bikes willy nilly without fear of brain damage. I long for the days when men were men and this idiocy had not yet arrived upon our scene. The history of the world is replete with lessons we refuse to learn. One of the most often recurring of these is that societies become so fat and lazy and stupid, relying on artificial comfort facilities to such an extreme extent that they are no longer capable of coping with the real world. At this point, some group of poor, lean, unsophisticated and motivated people comes along and cooks their goose. Are we there yet?

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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