The Merger Of God And Mammon

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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In today’s America we seem to be manning the barricades in several dimensions. Many of us are fearful of immigrants coming here to take our wealth, property, race and national identity, even though our wealth is already misdistributed in favor of very few and our racial identity has always been diverse. No influx of immigrants could so tilt our racial playing field that Americans would no longer be recognizable with such obvious ease.

Those who are on the short end of the economic stick in America are being pushed very hard by those few at the top to be fearful xenophobic because an immigrant wave will so populate America with Democrats as to make the grip of the high and mighty on power extremely tenuous, to say the least.

The world’s condition today is so desperate in so many places that the opportunity to go to America is close to going to heaven. People in America may be enduring loss of economic value of their income stream, but by comparison to others living elsewhere we are giants who walk the earth as kings.

That stark contrast of wellbeing and misery not only attracts immigration, but also attracts greater animosity as the differences grow in intensity and pervasiveness.

The economic anxiety of so many people in America is evident from the fact that so many are so easily radicalized by obviously evil potential leaders. Radicalization grows fastest when there is a pervasive perception that the prospects for positive future improvement in life quality are remote and diminishing. While America’s unemployment percentage seems to have improved markedly during the current administration, the value of the income has diminished seriously for those not at the very top of the income scale. That causes people to become very apprehensive and too be more willing to lash out against any boogey man portrayed by reactionary leadership. This phenomenon has occurred frequently in modern history. The great depression of the 1930s enabled radicalization of Germany to lash out at the whole world. The hopeless impoverishment in Russia at the end of the 19th century drove its people to the adoption of an equally oppressive regime that falsely promised a dictatorship of the proletariat – “Workers unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.” Utter nonsense broadcast by evil opportunists attached to some absurd theory of centralized economic management drove millions to violence in favor of oppression from unspeakably savage and abusive conspirators.

It is also a fact that uneducated people earn less and have a lesser opportunity to rise socially or economically. Ignorance is a disease that allows its victims to be harnessed to any evil doctrine if it is coupled with fear of invasive misappropriation of status. We are told constantly that education is the real key to a successful life, and that is absolutely true. Yet those in charge of education do not provide effective educational resources in keeping with world norms and technological progress. That cannot be other than intentional, for it serves to provide a pool of cheaper and more fearful labor dependent upon large companies for everything they need to live at all. And when they leave the companies seeking a better life, they are met by swarms of propositions to invest in hopeless business opportunities where they are fleeced of whatever it is that they do have. There is no expenditure for resources to combat this thievery because Congress will not confront the political action resources of those who profit from it. Failure rate statistics, some of which deal mainly with loan repayment failure in SBA backed business investment loans, became so negative that the SBA, at the insistence of that same political resource, stopped publishing the information, participating in the fraud. There are few more dramatic instances of wealth controlling government to bad ends than this.

One of the most revealing abuses in the radical indoctrination process is the attribution of the promoted agenda to the will of God. When religion becomes an active ingredient of politics there can be no result that is not perverse. That is why our Constitution strictly forbids the mixing of church and state. Religious “leaders” are scolding, power hungry oppressors that always desire and actively seek access to power. It has always been so and has always come to a bad end in every society where the clergy are allowed to sit on the podium of power. Now it is happening in America. That is an indication that the economically powerful feel that they can claim divine endorsement of their agendas. No enlightened society will ever permit that to occur. It is the ultimate merger of God and mammon and an ultimate evil.

No one can be the richest entity in the group without the others, if they are excluded, becoming hostile and plotting overthrow. That is axiomatic. No one can deny the truth of that statement because it is absolutely true.

The mindset that will keep America great is not bombast and hatred. Rather, it is that America, because its greatest resources spring from its diversity, is an allegory of John’s Gospel – In my father’s house there are many mansions”. The divine intellect of God will not permit exclusion of the worthy.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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