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By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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We associate angels with prayer. There are millions of them. Many don’t realize they are praying when they do. People have skewed ideas about prayer. Most think it is reading/reciting something that someone else wrote, petitions preceded by “praise”. Those who are angels know that God/Allah does not need your praise. They pray spontaneously and with their own words in their own minds. Your own words in your own mind defines prayer. Christ is said (In Matthew’s Gospel) to have explained that real prayer happens in private and quietly. So called institutional prayer is mainly theater, characterized in that Gospel as public and hypocritical. When reciting the words of someone else in public along with other people, your thoughts are not engaged in the same way (if at all) as they are when you pray in isolation within your own mind. Angels pray this way.

Angels do not fly around the ether on angel wings, bring bicycles to children and sing hosannas when saviors are born in distant mangers. Angels reside here among us. They are living humans just as the rest of us are. They have their own healthy self-interests just like the rest of us. They encounter the same difficulties as we do and deal with them as best they can, just like the rest of us. They come from all walks of life, and do what they do after their own fashion. But they have feelings, sensitivities, at levels that most of us are not aware of. That is how they became angels.

I have known many of these angels over the course of my lifetime. I have met and had relationships with them in a wide assortment of situations and circumstances. I can recognize them much more easily now. Angels come from and have been through every imaginable experience. Some I have known have killed many people in a struggle imposed upon them by their country. They have been able to process that and sense need in others, and try to help fill those needs. Having killed a lot of people does not disqualify you from being an angel. Many of them did angel missions even in the midst of the killing and destroying.

Being involved in conflict imposed upon you does not necessarily make you believe that everyone you encounter is the enemy who has to be destroyed. In the fire and explosions of conflicts there are always good people caught up in it who didn’t cause it, didn’t want it, have suffered from it and who needed help to find a way to live through it and come out the other end with some semblance of life still intact. The angels to whom I refer have found ways to facilitate their survival and recovery even in the midst of fire fights. Though they were generally blessed in country, when they came home after the conflict they were usually not recognized, but continued in their spirit of kindness anyway, perhaps never to be recognized for their sacred calling activity.

It is perfectly acceptable for an angel to have a healthy self-interest. Being an angel does not require abasement. In fact, it is often wealth that enables and nourishes angelic effort. The giving of assistance is not lessened in its grace because its expense is tax deductible or advertisement compensated. The focus is upon the positive accomplishment regardless of any side issues. When Christ posits that the rich may find it impossible to enter heaven, He is speaking of the wealthy population of a society that had not yet grown into the promotion of selflessness. While there are itinerant references to the poor and what one should do for them, there is really no substantive mandate until Christianity arose. Leaving the corners of one’s fields unharvested so that the poor may go and harvest those leavings is not the same as a general mandate to everyone, regardless of circumstances, to try to be of service to a community in some way.

Angelic life is often sporadic. Many with higher appreciations of the merit of service encounter periods in their own lives when their own needs blot out the capacity for empathy. They/we are, in that final analysis, only humans. All of us have the mix of good and bad in our life experiences and our perspectives. But when those frustrations abate sufficiently for the sentiment of mercy they/we reinstate our senses of service to others.

What is there about the angelic personality that enables a person to transcend adversity, even their own adversity, and become a helper and protector to others who at that very moment are so in need of help and protection. There is in each of them a particle of divine spark that is indestructible. It is mystical in the sense that it doesn’t lend itself to easy explanation or definition. There resides in some of us a need to be able to translate our souls into an identification with the ultimate power in which they claim to believe. They are in that sense like students looking for a master who can enable them to be more than just their particular secular intellect. They want to be able to think of themselves as capable to approach the ultimate source of inmost beliefs and desires, and sense that the way to enable that is to find in their hearts the mercy they have been taught is the binding substance between all of us and Christ or The Prophet (PBUH). They may not even be willing to admit publicly that they are seekers in that or any manner, but inwardly sense their desire to find that path no matter how coarse or deprived secular lives may be.

When they have exhausted their supply of tears to shed over their own tragedies, there is yet another reservoir to shed for the hardships of those who cannot help themselves out of tragedies. Often, especially at night, when time permits inner thoughts to arise and receive conscious attention, they experience a sense of profound loneliness. Usually there is no one close at hand with the same sensibilities at work in their minds. Angels often shed their tears at night for that reason and call out to other distant souls they trust with the most intimate thoughts.

Those who have an angelic capability for compassion don’t think of or refer to themselves in that dimension. It is just part of the makeup of their soul. Those who talk/preach about angelic inclinations are in the main poseurs or actors playing a role to accommodate the requisites of their outward positions in society. Religious leaders are professional angel imitators, while for the most part they are venal opportunists ready to exploit the vulnerability of others for their own financial, social or professional gain. Most who refer to their lives a being focused upon a “calling” are rather lazy low brow incompetents who see religious activity as their theater of opportunity that does not require much intellectual ability. Indeed, even their schooling in preparation for such “jobs” is superficial. They focus more on congregational politics, sermon composition, with but superficial involvement if the acquisition of meaningful appreciation of the relationship between humanity and its creator. Quiet versus noisy is the hallmark distinction in this sphere just as it is in all other spheres. Noise and substance are inversely proportional.

Throughout the history of monotheism there has been a constant reference to some small percentage of our population who are endowed with sympathetic insight. I seriously disbelieve that we could have a positive quality of existence without those who quietly counsel us by their example, pointing the way to mercy and forgiveness. I have always known at least a few. As some of them passed away, I was given the gift of the friendship of another such person. For that I am eternally grateful.

By Seamus Muldoon, Himself
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